Sexy Storybook & Fairytale Costumes

From the days of our youth we read fairytales and wished that we were beautiful maidens being swept off our feet by handsome princes or that we were somehow endowed with magical powers. Now that we are adult we have ways of making these fantasies come true, especially at Halloween. Sexy fairytale costumes are very different from the ones you see on the pages of your favorite storybooks but you'll easily recognized each character in the very adult designs shown here. We have a large selection of sexy fairy tales themes that will make all of your childhood dreams become reality.

Sexy Red Riding Hood Costumes

There's few fairytales as popular and well known as the story of Little Red Riding Hood. But nobody wants to dress up like Little Red forever, so this Halloween, spice up your trip to Grandma's house with a sexy Little Red Riding Hood costume from Costume SuperCenter! There's a long trip to take - over the river and through the woods and all - so you might as well look good while you take it!

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