Tinkerbell Costumes

Tinkerbell is the frisky little pixie from the classic tale, Peter Pan. Aside from Mickey Mouse, Tinkerbell is one of the characters most synonymous with Disney and is considered to be a symbol of the magic of Disney, flying through many Disney film credits and commercials trailed by a blaze of pixie dust. The Tinkerbell costume as we know it from the movies features a strapless lime green dress with a pointed trim and transparent fairy wings. We have many styles for girls, teens and women including women's sexy versions. Find the best Tinker Bell costumes online at Costume SuperCenter!

Tinkerbell Girls & Baby Costumes

Head off to Neverland with a wide selection of Tinkerbell girls and baby costumes. There are magical adventures to have with these costumes this Halloween, so order yours now!

Tinkerbell Adult Costumes

Who says Tinkerbell is just for kids? There's plenty of adult Tinkerbell costumes to go around. Whether you want it to be a little funny, or just matching with your little lady, you're good to go!

Peter Pan Costumes

Join the crew in Neverland with a brand new Captain Hook costumes! Or, if the hero is more your speed, check out the Peter Pan and Tinkerbell costumes from the wide selection available!

Tinkerbell and Peter Pan Costumes

The perfect couple in Neverland is the dynamic duo of Peter Pan and Tinkerbell! Grab a boy's Peter Pan costume to go along with your girl's Tinkerbell outfit and you'll be the cutest twosome in Neverland!

Tinker Bell Costume Ideas and Tips

Everyone’s favorite fairy with an attitude is here. Look no further if your dream is to dress up as Tinker Bell and demand everyone’s attention this Halloween. Whether you’re looking to be the sexy version of Tinker Bell looking to seduce her Peter Pan, or you have a little girl that admires and can’t wait to dress up as this beloved Disney fairy, we have everything you need. Be the most beautiful and gracious creature in the room with our selection of Tinker Bell costumes and accessories.

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