Blonde Wigs & Facial Hair

You don't have to be a natural blonde bombshell to have a head of flowing golden locks. Deck yourself out in a blonde wig and instantly be transformed into the gorgeous blond whether you are a man or a women. Any woman can put on one of our short or long blonde wigs turn their costume into a completely new identity. IF you are a natural brunette or redhead, being a blond for a day will be an adventure, especially when you are wearing it in conjunction with a fun Halloween costume.

A change of clothes and makeup can make you look different, but a change in hair color, easily done with a wig, can make you look like an entirely different person. And if you pick the right style, accessorized with the right clothes, you can look like your favorite famous actress, musician or any celebrity you so choose. If you're going for Marilyn Monroe, a blonde wig with a white dress and splash of pearls or rhinestone is all you need. Of course, some sleek white gloves wouldn't hurt. If Ginger Rogers is your aim, go for some vintage clothing - a halter dress or a knee-length skirt - and a vintage blonde hairdo. High heels, a big-brimmed hat and formal gloves and people may wonder if you are the real Ginger.

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