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Decades 60's

In the Nineteen-sixties the average home cost $14,000 and gas was only 25 cents a gallon. A lot has changed since then but there are a few things that have remained the same. For example: bell bottoms, mini skirts and peace sign jewelry are as popular now as they were then. The clothing of the 1960s had dramatically different styles. Mod girl minis were nothing like the suede fringe hippie styles that emerged later in the decade. From British Invasion styles to Woodstock styles, we've got 60s costumes from every fashion trend in this crazy decade.

60s Costume Ideas and Tips

The 1960s was a completely tie-dyed decade of hippies, flower power, Volkswagen buses and above all, fun. With our selection of 60s costumes and accessories for all ages, you are in for a groovy retro celebration of one of our country's most iconic eras. Find the biggest pair of sunglasses, couple it with an afro wig, select your favorite leather fringed vest or shirt, top the whole thing off with a peace sign necklace, and you have a complete and instantly recognizable hippie wardrobe.

Ladies, we have all the go-go costumes, tie-dyed bell bottom bodysuits, wigs and more to keep your retro ensemble legitimate and eye-catching! Our kid's costumes are ready to give your little ones a history lesson in fashion. Put your child in an adorable outfit from across the pond that celebrates the British Invasion, or show off their flower power! Colorful, bold and full of attitude, this was a decade that made its own rules. No matter which outfit you choose, you have a costume that will keep on truckin’!