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Decades 60's

In the Nineteen-sixties the average home cost $14,000 and gas was only 25 cents a gallon. A lot has changed since then but there are a few things that have remained the same. For example: bell bottoms, mini skirts and peace sign jewelry are as popular now as they were then. The clothing of the 1960s had dramatically different styles. Mod girl minis were nothing like the suede fringe hippie styles that emerged later in the decade. From British Invasion styles to Woodstock styles, we've got 60s costumes from every fashion trend in this crazy decade.

60s Costume Ideas and Tips

The 1960s was a completely tie-dyed decade of hippies, flower power, Volkswagen buses and above all, fun. With our selection of 60s costumes and accessories for all ages, you are in for a groovy retro celebration of one of our country's most iconic eras. Find the biggest pair of sunglasses, couple it with an afro wig, select your favorite leather fringed vest or shirt, top the whole thing off with a peace sign necklace, and you have a complete and instantly recognizable hippie wardrobe.

Ladies, we have all the go-go costumes, tie-dyed bell bottom bodysuits, wigs and more to keep your retro ensemble legitimate and eye-catching! Our kid's costumes are ready to give your little ones a history lesson in fashion. Put your child in an adorable outfit from across the pond that celebrates the British Invasion, or show off their flower power! Colorful, bold and full of attitude, this was a decade that made its own rules. No matter which outfit you choose, you have a costume that will keep on truckin’!

Dora (Silver) Child Boots
Need the right touch to a classy costume for your girls? For this Halloween you can't go wrong with the Dora (Silver) Child Boots. These silver boots are an easy fit and the go go boots can really match with any outfit. Watch your girls strut their stuff! Order your pair today!
Pink Patent Gogo Boot Child
Our Pink Patent Gogo Boot Child features a glossy and eye catching light pink color. The knee high boots feature a 1.75 inch heel. Our Pink Patent Gogo Boot Child can accessorize many different costume selections well.
Women's Green Glitter Gogo Boots
You won't need the luck of the Irish when you show up this St. Patrick's Day wearing the Women's Green Glitter Go-Go Boots! Your sexy leprechaun costume will be cool and comfortable in these green sparkling high heel boots with inner zipper. Add a cutsey Leprechaun Hat to to finish your sexy look with a playful touch. Also makes a stellar addition to any Space Princess Halloween Costume. No matter the holiday, Costume SuperCenter has what you need for the costume you want! Order your Women's Green Glitter Go-Go Boots today!
Kids Silver Glitter Gogo Boots
What kid wouldn't want these fantastic sparkly boots? With shine from all angles, these Silver Glitter Gogo Boots are a must-have for any disco diva in your house. There are so many options for adding these to your child's Halloween costume?70s groovy chick, astronaut, drum majorette, dancer or pop star. Just imagine the shimmer these beauties will produce when under the lights. Trick or treating will be quite the feat when these almost knee-high boots are on her feet. Adding these to her costume will really send it over the top. So, if you're looking for the last-minute accessory, let these all-over glitter boots steal the show!
Sexy Thigh High Boots - White - Adult Costume Accessory
Add a sultry finishing touch to your ensemble with this Sexy Thigh High Boots - White - Adult Costume Accessory. Long white boots with a tall heel are the perfect way to accentuate your go-go dancer, sexy space alien, or ?60s mod costume. Order women's sexy costumes and accessories online today.
White Patent Gogo Boot
We sell some fantastic 70's decade party costumes and our White Patent Gogo Boot would be an excellent way to accessorize that outfit. The White Patent Gogo Boot is just about knee high and features a heel as well. The white patent looks amazing and provides the perfect item to complete your 70's themed ensemble.
Women's Wide Width And Calf Gogo Boot
Don't forget your Women's Wide Width And Calf Gogo Boot to complete your gogo girl costume! The boots are white and feature a chunky high heel. The wide width of these boots is perfect to ensure that you're comfortable this Halloween.
Red Patent Gogo Boot Adult
A bright red boot can add a striking detail to your ensemble. The red patent has a sleek and sexy look that makes our Red Patent Gogo Boot Adult a great choice. The Red Patent Gogo Boot Adult is about knee high with a 3 inch high heel.
3-inch Wide Width Women's GoGo Boot - White
Far out! The 60s look is in style and the next time you put on a miniskirt, pair it with 3-inch Wide Width Women's GoGo Boot ? White. These fashionable knee-high boots have a sexy 3-inch heel. They go with everything from a 60's mod dress to a 70's style to todays' modern look.
White Mid Calf Patent Gogo Boots for Adult
Get out there on the dance floor and bust a move this Halloween when you put on our White Mid Calf Patent Gogo Boots for Adult! Perfect for a hippie costume or a dancing queen costume, you can't go wrong with these all white pair of gogo boots. Pair these shoes with any number of costume designs from our site and your Halloween is sure to be a major success this year. Buy your white gogo boots today!
Hippie Peace Sign Necklace and Earrings
It's time to relive some of the most iconic events of human history, like the hippie movement. Introducing the Hippie Peace Sign Necklace and Earrings! Transport yourself to the time of Beatlemania and Summer of Love with this hippie inspired item, that also encompasses the universal symbol of peace. Goes great and fits perfectly with any hippie costume, or a 60's singer outfit! Whether you're dressing up as a hippie, or as any other individual from that era, there is no wrong option with a prop such as this! Comes with a necklace and pair of earrings.
Flower Power Child
Everyone is so caught up in what they're doing! Remind them how important peace and love is when you put on a Flower Power Child costume! This outfit is sewn from a soft polyester material that will keep you cool and can be hand-washed for later use. The sleeveless vest is decorated with a psychedelic rainbow pattern, covering you with multicolored flowers and checkered patterns. Bright red fringe hangs from its edge. The high-waisted pants are covered in the same flower pattern as the top and have large red bell bottoms. Pull them on and the elastic band will stop them from slipping down! A black belly top comes with the set. Wear it with the rest of your Flower Power Child Costume and you'll be the cutest Granola Girl around! Add on an afro and hippie jewelry, sold here.
Jumbo Metal Peace Necklace
You'll be ready to chill out as soon as you have this Jumbo Metal Peace Necklace on! The long black cord is made of a tightly woven rope and has a large metal peace sign attached to the bottom. A must-have for any hippie, Woodstock, or funky costume.
Hippie Wig With Headscarf for Adults
This Halloween, you'll want to deck yourself out with some retro gear. Relive the best decade in style! Get yourself the Hippie Wig With Headscarf for Adults! This fine and groovy accessory comes with a faux wig and a rainbow-dyed headscarf to make you the trippiest guy or gal out there. Order it online today with fast shipping!
Black Patent Go Go Boot Child
Our Black Patent Go Go Boot Child are a fun accessory to wear along with your costume. The high boots have a glossy and fun look thanks to the patent leather material. The boots also feature a 1.75 inch heel for a stylish touch. The Black Patent Go Go Boot Child can look great with a number of different costumes and themes.
Unisex Funky Adult Hippie Wig
Dude ,this wig is total groovy. You don't have to be born in the 60's to wear this wig. Introducing the Unisex Funky Adult Hippie Wig. Features a synthetic black long black wig. Accessorize with mustache, shades, and Tie-dye shirt. So, get this funky party started ! Don't waste any more time, order your Unisex Funky Adult Hippie Wig today.
Mens Hippie Man Costume
Let?s get groovy and go back in time! Take a ride on the groovy train with this Men?s Hippie Man Costume. This exciting, bright and colorful costume will have everyone?s attention on you all day or all night! Step into these digs and reminisce on the peace and love era when everything was far out. This ensemble has many pieces which adds to its overall authenticity. It comes with a matching pants and vest set that?s colorful print is intensely eye-catching. It also comes with a shirt to go under the vest. You can also accessorize the outfit as well! Included is a headband and a belt to take the outfit over the top to make you feel like your right at Woodstock. This polycotton blend is also great for any weather. If you want to stay groovy and show everyone how groovy you truly are, buy this outfit today and start spreading the good vibrations. Peace!
Radical Hippie Button
Activate Flower Power of Love and Peace! Introducing Radical Hippie Button. No psychedelic costume would be complete without some funky button to match. Ultra radical! Features six (6) plastic button with various writings and symbols on them. A showstopper at any party! Don't delay, order yours today. You won't be sorry. Order it today.
Adult White Go Go Boots
Get your groove on with these iconic Go-Go Boots - White - Adult. These tall, white boots feature a chunky heel and an unstoppable style. Pair with a ?60s throwback ensemble or create a funky spin on a futuristic outer space ensemble. Shop for women's sexy costumes and accessories online now.
Hippie Vest for Adults - X-Large
Celebrate the days of peace and love in the Hippie Vest for Adults! This purple and brown fringed vest is decorated with patches, giving it an authentic Sixties look. Add some colorful love beads, a groovy headband, and a tie-dyed shirt and your Halloween will no doubt be far out!
Beehive Wig Black
Our Black Beehive Wig is a super curly, synthetic black wig styled into a large beehive with a red jewel in the center so you can make the most out of that Renaissance lady disguise you've been planning on wearing.
Hippie Child Costume
If you?re looking for a costume to make your little child adorable and stylish, then this is the one for you. Look no further, when it comes to your next outfit that you will dress your adorable little child in. Watch them groove on the dance floor and bring back all of the Hippie era moves. These floral bell-bottom pants and matching fringed vest make this costume far out! This could work for any themed party, or even any 70?s themed presentation that your child might be heading to! Your child could be a real flower child this time around with the addition of this costume. The free-spirited hippies were all about spreading peace, love and positivity and this is your time to teach your kid about these things and let him spread the love too. Get ready to take pictures all night long and have your adorable child be the star of the show. See you at checkout! Peace!
White Knee-high Boot Adult
Our White Knee-high Boot Adult is a great choice when looking for the finishing touches to add to your costume. The knee high boots feature a shiny white material, a side zipper, and a high heel. These stylish boots will turn you into a disco diva!
Adult Groovin' Girl Costume
Become a psychedelic hippie girl this Halloween when you pick up our Adult Groovin' Girl Costume! With your purchase, you will receive a fun and vibrant purple tunic with a mint green shrug, a pair of colorful psychedelic print pants, a beautiful floral peace sign necklace, and a cute faux leather band headpiece. Pick up your costume today, and then scan our site for the rest of your hippie jewelry, wigs, and accessories!
Mod Girl Costume for Women
1960's fashion in London and England is referred to as "Mod Fashion", due to its innovative, creative, "anything goes" style. Mod is actually short for modern, and it's a good word for the entire movement, because until that time, nothing was as unique or stylish as this new flashy fashion. Characterized by bright and bold colors arranged in beautiful geometric patterns, this style was totally modern compared to the bland colors of the 50's. This Halloween, try your hand at the wondrous mod fashion yourself when you buy the Mod Girl Costume for Women. Step into the party in this gorgeous get-up, and all eyes will magnetically be drawn to you. With your purchase, you'll receive everything you need to take part in one of the most unique fashion trends in history. Pick up your mod girl costume today, and make this Halloween your most stylish one yet!
White Patent Gogo Boot Child
Go Go Boots match the style of the 70's and are a great selection for your costume. The White Patent Gogo Boot Child is a solid white costume boot with a glossy appearance. The boot features a raised heel as well and a side zipper. Order your White Patent Gogo Boot Child today!
White Go-go Boots for Adults
Choose a classic 70s look for Halloween this year with the right accessories! Purchase the White Go-go Boots for Adult to begin your long list of accessories. White is the classic color of Go-go boots! This year you will be the most stunning person at the party with this great boots.
Leader of Dreams Wig
You'll be looking and feeling gorgeous as ever this Halloween when you pick up our Leader of Dreams Wig! With your purchase, you will receive a beautiful short black haired wig to pair with the rest of your get-up this year. Whether you're dressing up as a dancer, a classy gal, or any other fun character, you'll be feeling your best while donning this elegant wig. Buy yours today, and go make this Halloween a real treasure of a night!
Fake Jumbo Marijuana Cigarette
Get ready for high times making when you don this Fake Jumbo Marijuana Cigarette. Light up and bring together your fun outfit with this fake cigarette that's sure to make your attire pop. It'll look like a cannon in your mouth and lead to some hilarious times.
Hippie Hand Bag
Flower power is what you give off whenever you walk down the street in a bold print dress with your hair down and a flower headband, but you've got to carry your hippie gear in something that matches so our Hippie Hand Bag is a great choice to go with the rest of your hippie costume.