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Joseph Child Costume
You cannot hold a children's Christmas play without a Joseph Child Costume. Offered in child's small, medium and large sizes, it include a robe, sleeveless outer robe and belt. The white full length robe features a V-neck and lightly flared sleeves. It is accented by a white rope belt. A brown floor length outer robe is also included. St. Joseph is the husband of Mary, mother of Jesus. He is mentioned in the gospels of Luke and Matthew. Since he was a woodworker, many Christian denominations consider him the patron saint of workers. He was a humble man but descended from the royal line of David. Obedient to god, he took care of Jesus when he was a child. Don this garb for a live nativity scene are your church or a play. Staff, beard and shoes are not include.
Deluxe Joseph Child Costume
Deluxe Christmas costumes really stand out. Have your son wear this costume for his Christmas pageant and he will clearly stand out among the shepherds when he wears this Boys Deluxe Joseph Costume. This costume features an eye-catching blue tunic with an attached brown robe. It is trimmed in gold braiding and includes and matching headpiece and a rope tie belt. You'll be so proud of him as he portrays Joseph this Christmas. The costume comes in three sizes. If the Nativity or pageant will take place outside, order one size larger to accommodate warm clothing underneath. Accessorize, if desired with a biblical wig and beard set, sandals and a shepherds hook.
Joseph Adult Costume
Recreate the Nativity scene this Halloween when you wear the Joseph Adult costume! The outfit features an ankle length cream tunic with long, open sleeves. Also included is a white rope belt to tie around the shirt. On top of the tunic, wear the ankle length, short sleeve robe that is open in the front. The sandals, wig, and beard pictured above are not included with the ensemble. This costume comes in one size that fits most men and women, so everyone can enjoy this getup! This costume is perfect for Halloween, but it is also great as part of a holiday play or to wear to your Christmas party! Purchase a shepherd's crook, a pair of brown sandals, or a Biblical wig and beard set, each sold here separately, to complete your holy look.
Mens Deluxe Joseph Costume
Joseph did his very best to get Mary a room at the inn but when he found that no room was available, he made her comfortable in a barn to await the arrival of the baby Jesus. Joseph was quite a man. This one-piece costume gives the appearance of being two pieces because it features a tunic with an attached robe. The tunic is blue and the attached robe is brown with wide blue sleeve cuffs. The costume is trimmed in gold braiding and also comes with a headpiece to match. The Men's Deluxe Joseph Costume is one of quality, elegance and comfort. All other items shown in the image are suggestions only. They can be purchased from our Christmas accessories section.
Mens Joseph Costume
I must say, the end of the Genesis story is one of my favorites... "And on the seventh day, God rested in his comfy, flowing robe and red sash." That's it right? Bring some biblical flavor to your next costume party or church play when you wear this righteous Men's Jesus Costume. Featuring Jesus's iconic modest robes and an attached red sash, this divine outfit looks like it jumped straight out of the Old Testament. Whether you plan on loving thy neighbor or letting there be light, this Jesus costume will have you feeling the Holy Spirit like never before. Order yours today! (Ability to walk on water not included)
Men's Easter Jesus Wig and Beard Set
The list of most famous beards of all time is an impressive one. There's Abe Lincoln, da Vinci, Gandolf. But since the creation of the heavens and the earth, one man has reigned supreme atop the list of history's famous beards. You guessed it? Jesus Christ himself! Bring the legend of Christianity's divine leader to life at your next costume party or church play when you complete your Jesus costume with his iconic, nay, divine beard and hair combo. This Men's Jesus Easter Wig and Beard Set is the only way to finish off your Jesus outfit. Order yours before this deal goes to heaven!