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Mens Careers

It is not surprising that many of the best Halloween costumes for men are those that represent people we see every day! Our collection of men's occupational costumes includes Fighter Pilots, Soldiers, Doctors, Policemen and a whole lot more! Our top notch looks are excellent for holidays, parties and sometimes even for role play. Shhh! We won't tell anyone.

Mens Occupational Costume Ideas and Tips

Everybody loves a man in uniform. So, you’ll be the most popular guy around when you get all decked out in a costume from our men’s occupational collection. Ever dream of becoming a respected surgeon? Check out our collection of doctor’s scrubs and lab coats! Always wanted to travel to the great unknown universe? Order one of our classic or inflatable astronaut costumes! From SWAT team members to airline pilots, courtroom judges, and more, anything you could imagine becoming is available in this affordable section.

Our occupational costumes are a great choice no matter the season. Get dressed up as a fireman for Halloween. Or grab a conductor’s uniform for the next big PTA event. Top off your ensemble with our occupational accessories, like sailor’s hats, miner’s helmets, and more. If you’re looking to create a group or family ensemble, be sure to check out our women’s and children’s collections, as well. Shop for men’s occupational costumes and accessories online today.

Mens SWAT Team Vest Costume
Get ready to breach this Halloween and get into formation with your fellow members of SWAT. The Men's SWAT Team Vest will make it look like you're ready for any situation. This costume comes with a cool tactical black vest which features numerous pockets for carrying gear and two large white logos that read Police and SWAT. This product is made from Polyester materials. You better not get caught out of uniform, officer.
Adult Silver Epaulettes Accessory
Men's Astronaut Costume
You don't have to be a part of NASA's space program to feel like an astronaut. At least not when you order our Men's Astronaut Costume. This white space suit is so authentic it could fake a moon landing. But it would never do that. Instead, it's happy to accompany you to Halloween parties and chill. Or maybe you'd rather use it to take the kids trick-or-treating around the neighborhood? Either way, this Men's Astronaut Costume isn't picky. Unless you start talking about flat Earth. Then it might politely ask you to kick moon rocks.
Ahoy Matey Adult Costume
Set sail for prettier shores this Halloween! With the Ahoy Matey Adult Costume you'll look the part of a handsome sailor on a maiden voyage! The dark, navy-blue shirt and pants will make you look like the sailor boy, along with the white tie and striped cuffs. The sailor's cap is a pristine white. Watch for clear skies and get it online today!
Adult Sailor Costume
When you get home from your tour of duty, you're going to be welcomed home as a hero when you have this Adult Sailor Costume on! This crisp blue and white sailor costume is going to make everyone thank you for your service, and if you end up on a boat this Halloween you'll know just what to do when you wear the same nautical blue and white outfit as the boys in the navy serving our country overseas.
Police Officer - Adult Costume
Keep law and order in this classic Police Officer - Adult Costume. This light blue uniform shirt features a police officer's cap and a shiny, silver badge. Pair with your own black pants or jeans and you'll be ready to go in no time! Order one or several and put together your very own police force with family and friends.
Mens Doctor Costume
Gun Holster Adult
Become a cop, a detective, or even a cowboy for Halloween or for your next costume party. Look authentic and as real as possible thanks to this Gun Holster prop! Place your revolver or pistol in there, and when it's time to show off your crazy sharpshooter and quickdraw skills, do it in style! But not just limited to law enforcers, you can use this prop with many other costumes out there. Got a favorite character from a movie that uses a gun holster? Impersonate the person and top the look with an accessory such as this one!
Master Surgeon Adult Costume
The team needs a second opinion and youre the only who they trust to give it. Make sure youre ready to help by suiting up in your Master Surgeon Adult Costume. This medical themed ensemble is just what youve been looking for to prove youve got what it takes to run your own ward. It comes with a blue hospital gown with sanitary mask and cap accessories for an authentic look so good it looks like it belongs on television!
Adult Collapsible Top Hat
Mens State Trooper Costume
Police Officer - Blue - Adult Costume
Stop in the name of the law! You'll look arrestingly awesome when you choose this Police Officer - Blue - Adult Costume for Halloween or cosplay. Order multiples and put together your very own police force with family and friends! And don't forget to check out our police officer costume accessories to complete your classic look.
E.R. Doctor Adult Costume
Make your rounds saving lives and wooing nurses this Halloween dressed as a dreamy medical professional with the E.R. Doctor Adult Costume. You may not actually be a doctor, but you can certainly look like you play on TV. This costume includes a full head-to-toe look including a blue shirt, pants and cap combination, as well as a sanitary mask. Youll feel ready to perform surgery when youre dressed like a real-life hero so make sure youre ready to go this Halloween.
Men's Swat Team Vest
Men at arms need protection too. That's why your Halloween rendition could use a Men's Swat Team Vest. It's a great way to tie your tactical outfit together. Wear it out trick-or-treating with the kids, or raid your town's Halloween bar hopping scene. Either way, no one will dare stand in your way while you're wearing such an authentic looking uniform. Put us to the test. Order your Men's Swat Team Vest today!
Adult Long Tie/Hanky Boxed Accessory
Judge White Wig Costume Accessory
Be stern, be judicious and be downright righteous with this amazing Judge White Wig Costume Accessory! Your Halloween disguise is complemented with the gleaming, white locks in this full Judge White Wig Costume Accessory! Your hairdo is important when you want to convey authority, and this Judge White Wig Costume Accessory will do you justice!
Judge Robe Adult Costume
If anyone is going to judge a costume party, or who spiked the juice it ought to be someone with the proper credentials! You may not have gone to law school, but you have seen plenty of Law and Order and you're wearing this Judge Robe Adult Costume! This outfit is a simple one piece flowing black robe that follows you all the way down to your feet. Airy and easy to walk around parties with, you can be sure you'll command their attention and objections with this on! You'll want add a few accessories to make sure that you can carry yourself as any important delegate would! With an official judge gavel, and a white judge wig, you're bound to have people asking for an audience in your private chambers. Being impartial is tough, but we're sure that you can do it. Pass down your ruling with authority when you don this Judge Robe Adult Costume!
Adult Ascot Tie Accessory
Mens Keystone Kop Costume
Mens E.R. Surgeon Costume
Dr. Laboratory Coat Costume
Your child will feel just like a hospital hero this Halloween when you pick up our Dr. Laboratory Coat Costume! With your purchase, you will receive everything you need to turn your little one into a truly one of a kind surgeon. While donning this fun get-up, he or she will be saving lives all Halloween long. Buy your doctor child costume today, and then check out our site for the rest of your hospital costume and accessory needs!
Adult G. I. Digital Print Helmet
Adult G. I. Helmet
Anchors Aweigh Adult Costume
The ladies are going to be begging to ride your ship all night when you show up the party wearing the Adult Anchors Aweigh costume! The outfit comes with a white long-sleeve shirt that has two navy stripes at the bottom of each sleeve. The neckline, too, is garnished with a navy stripe going all the way across. It also features a hanging dark blue tie. The costume also includes long, white pants. The white sailor hat, which also comes with the ensemble, really adds the finishing touch to the costume. Women will sail the seven seas to reach you this Halloween when you don this costume, so get ready to lower your anchor and wait for them at the dock! Purchase a dog tag or a pair of white gloves, each sold here separately, to complete your look.
Adult Classic Inflatable Astronaut Costume
You can spend your Halloween among the stars this year when you wear this Adult Classic Inflatable Astronaut Costume! In this space suit you can make your costume look like it's standard issue from NASA, because the inflatable component of this astronaut outfit makes it mimic the suits you've seen on Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin when it's all blown up. You're sure to blast off for a great Halloween when you wear this costume!
Plain Lab Coat Adult Costume
You can't walk into the hospital wearing your graphic tee and shorts, you know! Dress it up with our Plain Lab Coat Adult Costume. This long white jacket is made of a durable yet lightweight fabric. It has long sleeves and a pressed collar to add to your professional air. Deep pockets at the sides let you carry all sorts of equipment, from thermometers and depressors to saws and needles! Pull it on and it will settle just above your knee. First impressions mean everything when you're earning patients' trust. Put on your Plain Lab Coat Adult Costume and they're sure to love you! This cute outfit is perfect for several different looks. Wear it with a reflector and stethoscope to be a traditional doctor or add on a body part and knife to look like you're in the middle of an autopsy. If you want something a little creepier, get our zombie prosthetics and join the undead or splatter yourself with blood to become a mad scientist!
Police Officer Suit Mens Costume
Kids need heroes to look up to and as a kid you probably looked up to the everyday heroes like cops and firefighters. This Halloween, be one of these heroes for the day. The Police Officer Suit Mens Costume includes navy pants, a shirt, a hat and a belt.
Black Lace Up Fighter Pilot Combat Boots for Men
You'll be the coolest guy at the party this Halloween when you walk in wearing our Black Lace Up Fighter Pilot Combat Boots for Men. With your purchase, you will receive just the pair of boots you need to show the world that you mean business. Perfect for a military or fighter pilot costume, these black boots adorned with red and blue diagonal stripes and a star are really something else. Buy your pair today, and go make this Halloween your best dressed night yet!
SWAT Team Vest
Get tactical in this SWAT Team Vest. Let everyone know you are in an elite class of soldier. This item comes as an adult sized vest. It is all black with large white lettering. It zips up, has adjustable straps and a high collar. There are also pockets to keep some of your gear at the ready. Select this as part of your next costume for Halloween or parties. There are toy weapons, police hats, and other accessories on our website to match!
Astronaut Adult Costume
You'll be taking more than one small step for man this Halloween when wearing the out of world spacesuit costume. The Astronaut Adult Costume will have you stand out at any party. The comfortable white jumpsuit has silver accents sewn right into the cuffs and shoulders as well as the detachable belt. This astronaut costume adults has american flag and space exploration team decals, giving this costume an authentic look. Top it off with the included space helmet with open slot for your face. Get ready to go to the moon and order the Astronaut Adult Costume online!