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Pet Dinosaur Costume
Here at We, there is nothing better than ensuring that you have the best items for your little fur baby this year. Our Pet Dinosaur Costume will make everyone scream with excitement when they see your little four-legged child prance up and down the street. It is truly going to make them look even more adorable than usual. We bet that you didn't even think that was possible.
Rugrats Reptar Costume for Pets
Embrace your 90?s Nostalgia with a Rugrats themed pet costume. Buy the Rugrats Reptar Costume for Pets and transform your cat or dog into the famous green and blue Tyrannosaurus rex with red eyes. For fun, dress up as Tommy Pickles or another Rugrats character to have a Rugrats Halloween!
Stegosaurus Costume for Pets
Did you ever wish that you had a pet like the Flintstone's Dino the Dinosaur? Now is your chance! Transform your modern pet in to a prehistoric creature with help from the Stegosaurus Costume for Pets. Don't worry, Stegosaurus were plant eaters, so your pooch won't be tempted to eat you.
Turtle Shell Pet Costume
Turtles are slow, and you always wanted one that's energetic and full of fun. Well, now you can...technically. Introducing the Turtle Shell Pet Costume M-L. Give your pet a turtle shell and pretend like you now have a hybrid pet. It's still your favorite best friend but with an upgrade. Show off your brand new animal at the pet party, event, or parade and put a smile on people's faces.
T-Rex Pet Costume
Turn your little buddy into a little monster this Halloween when you buy the T-Rex Pet Costume! Your pet is going to love romping all around like a miniature T-Rex, destroying everything in its path. With your purchase, you'll receive everything you need to make your pups the scariest dino in all the land. Okay, so to be honest, your pet probably won't be scary at all, but they will definitely look absolutely adorable in this costume, You're going to want to take tons of pictures of your lil furry guy or girl while they're wearing this cute get-up! Fun fact. Did you know that Tyrannosaurus Rexes were actually feathered? And you know those little arms they always get made fun of for? Well... each bicep of a T-Rex could curl 430 pounds! Pretty sure those arms weren't so puny after all. I guess there's a lot we don't know about these magnificent creatures. Pick up your T-Rex pet costume today, and make this Halloween a Mesozoic one!