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Robin Costumes

Personally add more prestige to the term sidekick this Halloween with a Robin costume. Batman's famous sidekicks are talented heroes that face danger at a moments notice. Now you can embody that heroic spirit with low prices! Buy your colorful Robin costume for adults or kids today!

Robin Costume Ideas and Tips

Holy dress-up Batman! There are so many choices of Robin Costumes that we do not know where to start. Robin has been the sidekick to Batman for more than 75 years. The first and most well-known Robin is Dick Grayson. He went on to become the hero Nightwing and new Robins took his place, including Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Stephanie Brown and Damian Wayne. Our large inventory reflects Robin’s rich history. Selections range from a simple mask and cape set to collector’s editions that will make you the envy of everyone at the comic convention. Licensed designs include costumes for men, women, boys, girls, toddlers, infants and pets. They are based on Robin from classic comic books, classic 1960s live action TV series, animated series and movies including Young Justice and Teen Titans, and even the Lego Batman movie. Girls’ selections include tutu dresses that are oh so cute, while men’s selections include muscle chests suits from the dark Arkham video game series.

DC Comics Big Dogs Robin Pet Halloween Costume
This Halloween, inspire dizzying comic relief when you disguise yourself as Batman and dress up your fuzzy canine friend as Robin! Our amazing Big Dogs Robin Pet Halloween Costume is sure to stir up the Halloween partygoers and trick o' treaters who knock on your door!
DC Comics Robin Tm Infant
Most little boys want to grow up to be Batman, but you have a different plan. Put on a Robin TM Infant Costume and train for your future as Nightwing! This outfit is sewn from soft fleece, the long sleeves and pant legs keeping you cozy as you play in the Batcave. The bright red top is marked with Robin's logo alongside three yellow buttons. The utility belt patch around your waist will help you take care of anything that comes your way. Elastic at the cuffs of the green sleeves and pants stop your suit from bunching up as you're trailing Bruce. Slip away into the night and your black cape will billow after you, helping you melt into the shadows. Hide your identity with the fabric mask and go kick some butt! You have one heck of an adventure in front of you. Get into a Robin TM Infant Costume and go join the fun! Your family can dress up as any of our Batman heroes and villains for a coordinated group.
DC Comics Robin Costume For Pets
Every superhero needs a sidekick, and every sidekick needs a disguise! Take a bite out of crime with your favorite furry friend this Halloween with the Robin Costume for Pets.This officially licensed DC product will make any cat or dog pass for the Boy Wonder himself. The polyester shirt based on Robin's outfit comes with a cape and eye mask. Check out our online store for great deals on this and our Batman costumes for humans!
DC Comics Robin Adult Costume
If you?re pumped up for the Justice League movie, why not go out dressed as Batman?s young ward this Halloween? Our Robin Adult Costume will put you right in the center of the action as Batman?s apprentice and helper, and our Robin costume references older incarnations of the character as well as the gritty DC Universe reboot. Our Robin costume features a red leotard, green tights, and a bright yellow belt, which will make it clear that you?re here to help Batman make Gotham a better place! The long black cape that comes with this costume will help you make a quick getaway in the Batmobile. The Joker had better look out when he sees you coming in the heavy-duty boots included with this outfit?he?ll know you mean business! This outfit will also help you conceal your secret identity, by including a mask in this costume that will keep even the most wily clown supervillain from learning your true name. If you?re going out with friends on Halloween, why not get the whole Justice League tog
Adult Gotham Knights Robin Costume
You'll be the best sidekick in superhero history this year when you put on our Adult Gotham Knights Robin Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to join forces with Batman and take down the likes of the Joker, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, and all the rest of those wicked Gotham villains. Featuring a red, green, and black printed costume top with an attached hood, as well as a matching black foam mask, you're going to love this DC Comics look.
DC Comics Robin T-Shirt Adult Costume Kit
Pair up with Batman, or go all by yourself on Halloween as Robin! Introducing the Robin T-Shirt Adult Costume Kit. Protect your town from all the monsters and creatures, and fight off bad guys during the Halloween party as the popular superhero. Bt, not just great for the holiday, you can wear this to other events like Comic Con, superhero parties, and a lot more. The Robin T-Shirt Adult Costume Kit comes with a shirt, cape, and a mask. Throw in a few extra things like a weapon prop, and you're good to go! This is an officially licensed product.
Boys DC Comics Deluxe Robin Costume
Sometimes being the star of the show doesn't mean you have to be the lead. Take a look at Boy Wonder Robin throughout the years. He's grown from side character to leading man and your kid loves watching him grow on the screen. They love the action of Batman and Robin, so give them the chance to play their favorite role in our Boy's Deluxe Robin Costume. Comes with an official jumpsuit that is built like Robin is in the show. Your kid will have the look and aura of the best Robin around. It even comes with 3D gauntlets that are bound to make your little guy look more powerful than he's ever been. He couldn't transform into Robin without his signature mask that is sure to transform them into the Boy Wonder. They'll love the way they look in our Boy's Deluxe Robin Costume.
Baby/Toddler Teen Titans Robin Deluxe Muscle Chest Costume
Every hero needs a sidekick! Your toddler will be ready to round up the villains of Gotham City at Batman's side when he wears this Deluxe Robin muscle chest costume! This costume is an officially licensed DC Comics product and features everything your child needs to show everyone that he's the Boy Wonder this Halloween, including a red, green, and yellow muscle chest jumpsuit that will make him look just like Robin and show everyone how big and strong he's gotten. The jumpsuit also features attached boot tops and comes with a matching yellow cape and yellow belt. Lastly, it includes a black face mask to protect your child's identity while he helps protect Gotham City. For even more fun, his best friend can dress up as Batman for a great group costume!
DC Comics Adult Robin Costume
If you dont feel like going out with Batman this Halloween, run with the Teen Titans in our Adult Robin Costume! Youre sure to have some fun banter with Raven when youre wearing this classic red, yellow and green Robin outfit at the Halloween party. When you lead the Teen Titans to victory as the leader of this incorrigible superhero group, youre going to be glad you looked your best during the mission in this Robin costume!
DC Comics Adult Sexy Robin Costume
No super hero ever goes out without his trusty sidekick, just like the Dark Knight and his Boy Wonder Robin are known as one of the many infamous dynamic duos. This Halloween, you're not afraid of going solo and you're also not afraid of going out as the sidekick instead of the main hero because you'll look super hot in an Adult Sexy Robin Costume. Take down evil villains and look sexy at the same time while wearing a Robin-inspired dress made up of a glossy green skirt bottom with a small slit up the side, attached to a shimmering red bodice that has a yellow letter 'R' and other details similar to the real Robin's tunic. The bodice also features green short sleeves that match the glovelettes. A yellow imitation utility belt connects the dress at the waist and also matches the bright cape that's also included with a black eyemask. Become your own superhero and forget about being the sidekick after you do some of your own crusading dressed in this Adult Sexy Robin Costume.
DC Comics Muscle Chest Robin Arkham Mens Costume
Team up with Batman and save the city of Gotham this Halloween when you pick up our Muscle Chest Robin Arkham Mens Costume! Walk into the party donning this elite quality Robin costume, and you'll be making friends all night long. With your purchase, you will receive a muscle padded red jumpsuit with attached green boot tops, a molded yellow belt, a yellow and black hooded cape, and a matching eye mask. Buy your Robin costume today, and go take down the Joker and Harley Quinn this Halloween!
DC Comics Deluxe Muscle Chest Robin Mens Costume
Every superhero needs a good suit, so why not give this Deluxe Muscle Chest Robin Men's Costume a try!? Don?t worry about banging out a bunch of crunches and push-ups because this costume has everything you need to look like the real deal. It?s made of 100% polyester and comes with a green full body jumpsuit and red muscle chest. It features a molded yellow belt, gray boot tops which are attached to each pant leg, and a black mask just like the character from the famous TV show and movies. The mask fits on face with an elastic band to keep it secure and your identity concealed from the masses. The chest is made of polyfoam material and will fit most adult men comfortably. This muscle jumpsuit also comes with an awesome black trimmed cape with a yellow underside that attaches at neck to blow in the wind behind you while you overlook the city. Add even more to the great look of this costume with a pair of black gloves to complete the look.
DC Comics Robin Tutu Child Costume
Fight crime and protect Gotham City using the Robin Tutu Child Costume. Many different versions of Batman's sidekick have appeared in comics, cartoons, and films. Now, your child can create their own depiction of the character. Orders come as a dress featuring a red top with printed designs. It has a green skirt and utility belt. You also get a pair of silver gauntlets and a yellow cape. Conceal your identity using the black eye mask piece. Take down the Joker and Catwoman in time to enjoy Halloween parties and other dress up events.
DC Comics Robin (Female) T-Shirt Adult Costume Kit
Join Batman in his crusade against crime! Don the cape of the trusty sidekick with the Robin (Female) T-Shirt Adult Costume Kit. The printed shirt flaunts your muscular and fit body to go with the Robin logo and utility belt. The black eye mask and cape are also included! Order it today!
Adult Deluxe Gotham Knights Robin Costume
You'll be taking over Gotham with Batman this year when you get all dressed up in our Adult Deluxe Gotham Knights Robin Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to become your favorite Dark Knight sidekick and take down the likes of the Joker, Poison Ivy, and Harley Quinn. Featuring a red and green heroic tunic with an attached hood, a pair of matching green pants, and a black foam mask, you're going to be kicking bad guy butt in style this year.
Adult Robin Muscle Chest DC Comics Costume
Help Batman defeat the Joker and Harley Quinn this Halloween when you pick up our Adult Robin Muscle Chest DC Comics Costume! With your purchase, you will receive everything you need to become the best sidekick in all of Gotham. Complete with a muscle padded red and yellow Robin top, a yellow cape, and a black eye mask, you can't go wrong with this powerful get-up. Buy your Robin costume today, and go make this Halloween a night of pure heroics!
Regular Adult Robin Superhero Gloves
When you want to save the day, you have to have the proper accessories to complete your look. Plan on going as Batman's sidekick Robin this year? Protect yourself from bullets and swords with the Regular Adult Robin Superhero Gloves. Everyone needs a little something to make their look instantly great - don't be left in the dust and grab these fine accessories today!
Teen Titans DC Comics Robin Muscle Chest Deluxe Toddler/Child Costume
Help Batman protect Gotham City from an endless series of villains! Your child will be ready to be part of the Dynamic Duo when he wears this Deluxe Robin muscle chest costume for boys! It's officially licensed by DC Comics and includes everything your son needs to be the Boy Wonder while trick or treating. It features Robin's classic red and green jumpsuit with a padded muscle chest and yellow R emblem on the chest. It also includes Robin's yellow cape and belt as well as a black face mask to make sure no villains can identify your child on Halloween. Check our accessories section for matching gloves, and get one of your child's friends to dress up as Batman for even more fun!
DC Comics Mens Collectors Robin Costume
The pinnacle of Robin costumes, this outfit will have you feeling like you stepped right out from the pages of the comics and out into the night. You'll have everyone staring in awe when you wear this Men's Collectors Robin Costume. This outfit has everything you need to carry out the powerful and majestic version of the Boy Wonder. Comes with a molded black and red chest piece that gives you the physique of a powerful acrobat like Dick Greyson. A pair of black and red tights with accompanying red and black cape that will astonish you with the level of high quality materials used! It comes with a black utility belt that looks like it jumped off of a movie screen and onto your costume! The gloves have actual decals that mimic Dick Greyson's actual uniform so you'll be able to harness your inner superhero. Take your costume from sidekick to hero when you don this Men's Collectors Robin Costume.
DC Comics Mens Grand Heritage Robin Costume
Holy cow Batman have you ever seen a Robin outfit this authentic and nifty? We didn't think so either, and you if you want to channel your favorite retro Robin attire than this Men's Grand Heritage Robin Costume is what you're looking for. It's officially licensed to us from D.C. studios so you'll have no problem fitting into a retro yet authentic style. Includes red shirt with an attached yellow cape that is modeled after Robin's sixties television character. On his chest is the Robin logo in big letters that has an old school cool aspect to it. The pants are tan and have green where the tights end. The mid portion of the outfit is tied together by a black belt that brings the midsection together. Tying the aura of Robin together is his signature black mask that will have everyone thinking you transformed into the Boy Wonder himself. Get your catchphrases ready when you wear this Men's Grand Heritage Robin Costume.
Baby/Toddler Teen Titans Robin Costume
You know, you've been going a little crazy hunting for Slade. Why don't you put on a Teen Titan Robin Infant/Toddler Costume and just chillax? This long-sleeved romper is cut from fleece to keep you warm in the Tower. Elastic at the cuffs prevents the outfit from slipping around. Robin's logo is proudly displayed on the chest. Your yellow utility belt will help you fight back any of Gizmo's tricks! Black boot covers are attached to the cuffs of the pants, while your knee-length black cape is sewn into the neckline. Slip on the black domino mask and they'll never know who you really are! You've seemed pretty strung out lately...even Raven is worried! You had better put on this Teen Titan Robin Infant/Toddler Costume so you can kick back for the day. Add on black gloves (sold here) so your fingers don't get dirty as you chow down on pizza.
DC Comics Deluxe Regency Robin Adult Costume
As a caped crusader, there is nothing you can?t do while wearing Deluxe Regency Robin Adult Costume. Known as the boy wonder, is the sidekick of Gotham's most famous crime fighter, Batman. This costume made of polyester construction includes green slippers, eye mask, Vest, cape, shirt, pants, and belt. The orange and green shirt features light skin-tone sleeves and a dark red velvet vest with a yellow ''R' letter' patch, and zipper in front. The included flesh-tone pants have attached green briefs with an interior elastic waistband for total comfort along. It also has green boot tops attached to the bottom of the pants and a molded yellow latex belt to join the pants and shirt together. As the final touches, we provide a black eye mask, to keep your identity hidden and a yellow cape with a collar fits around the neck with a button fastener. This costume is perfect whether you're going to a Halloween party, a costume or themed party, or a superhero cosplay event.
DC Comics Robin DC Comics Costume Top
The world needs the Titans, and the Titans need a leader if they?re going to have any chance of saving the world this Halloween. Step into the role of Robin with an outfit that will leave you feeling like a star. Pick up the Robin DC Comics Costume Top ? Teen Titans outfit for what is sure to be a very animated adventure. This is an officially licensed product based off the hit animated series Teen Titans Go, and features authentic details that will impress any fan. Take on the role of the Boy Wonder with this heroic super suit. It features a red, green, and yellow Robin top with R emblem, as well as an attached cape and a domino mask: a must when it comes to concealing your secret identity. Join your friends and enjoy Halloween dressed like a team, just like the real Teen Titans.
Robin Child Superhero Gloves
Does you little one want to be a hero? They're going to need a good set of hands. Keep those paws covered with the Robin Child Superhero Gloves. Everyone knows that the sidekick is just as important as the hero, so prove it when you complete your costume with these licensed Robin gloves that will fit just right on your child.
Teen Titan Robin Child
After he has served by the dark knight's side for such a long time, the Boy Wonder is finally ready to venture off on his own and bring together his own team of super powered friends that he can be the leader of. Once your little hero is ready to do the same he will want to play his new leader role dressed up in our Teen Titan Robin Child costume. Not much has changed since he worked alongside Batman and this uniform still consists of Robin's original costume with a jumpsuit featuring green bottoms and sleeve details with a red top that has yellow accents that match the utility belt comes with Robin's 'R' emblem stitch at the top. The black and yellow cape and eyemask make your little guy a bonafide teenage leader who's ready to take down bad guys as his own man dressed in this Teen Titan Robin Child costume.
DC Comics - Robin Deluxe Toddler Costume
Quick old chum, suit up with the Robin Deluxe Toddler Costume. This is an official DC product, based right off of Batman's most trusted crime-fighting partner. The costume features everything your kid could ever need to look just like Dick Grayson. The costume comes with the Robin top with removable yellow cape, green pants with attached red shoe covers, and a domino mask for hiding their secret identity. This year you won't need a bat cave to go out and fight crime, we've got a Robin Deluxe costume that's worthy of the dynamic duo.
Kids Robin DC Comics Costume Deluxe
Take up the role of one half of the dynamic duo wearing the Robin Deluxe DC Comics Child Costume. It is mostly modeled after the character?s appearance in the LEGO Batman Movie. Robin is very acrobatic and is always filled with positive energy! You receive several pieces to complete the ensemble. There is a red shirt with all the designs to make it look like the real superhero uniform. Green pants and a pair of red boot tops create a seamless transition. A black eye mask, yellow utility belt and two green gauntlets are also included. Then, attach the glittering yellow cape to be just like the character from the film. This Robin costume is perfect for fans of the hero to dress as during comic conventions and Halloween parties.
DC Comics Girls Robin Dress Costume
This Halloween, become Robin of Teen Titans Go! With our Kid's Robin Dress Costume, you'll get a red and green dress, glovelettes, a belt, and even Robin's iconic molded eye mask! You'll become the Teen Titan, down to the yellow R on his chest! Fight alongside Beast Boy, Cyborg, Starfire, and Raven, as you fight crime while looking great doing it. Buy your Kid's Robin Dress Costume costume today!
DC Comics Boys Robin Mask and Cape Set
Are you on the prowl in the fight against villains this Halloween? Don't forget to look the part with this Robin Mask and Cape Set! This accessory set has everything you need to look like Batman's protege. Included in this costume set are a glitter mask and polyester cape. This costume can be worn on its own or makes a great accessory for mix and match costumes. Robin may be a sidekick, but he's been a staunch crimefighter since 1940 and a hero in his own right, with many different characterstaking on the mantle over the years. Take the lead this Halloween and become the Boy Wonder with this Robin Mask and Cape Set today!
Boy's Robin Deluxe Cape Costume
Your little guy isn't as brooding as some of the other kids. He loves his superheroes, but he also loves having a bit of fun. Make sure that his outfit looks incredible thanks to our Boy's Robin Deluxe Cape Costume. Your little guy will love the way that this cape drapes perfectly on his back and gives him the power to keep on fighting the powers of evil. You can use this cape as an accent to a costume or make it a one-of-a-kind by stopping by our accessory store. Add on a pair of boots, a mask, or even pants to have your little guy look the part of an official hero! They'll love the way that they look thanks to our Boy's Robin Deluxe Cape Costume.