Baby & Toddler Costumes

Make your little one's first Halloween as monumental as possible when you select from our giant supply of infant and toddler costumes and accessories. Featuring a vast array of classic, adorable, comfortable, and officially licensed costumes, your baby will be dressed in a high-quality costume that will widen every smile they pass. Develop the quintessential baby vampire character, or show off your kid's love of dinosaurs with an official and officially awesome Jurassic World costume.

Popular Licenses for Toddlers

Does your baby light up at the sight of anything Disney? Do they eagerly await their daily opportunity to sing along with the PAW Patrol theme song? We have all the most popular officially licensed properties to make sure that no matter the object of your kid’s fandom, they will be well represented with a costume that is legit from head to toe. Adorn your little Disney princess in Cinderella's iconic ball gown or equip your little GI Joe soldier with all of the battlefield tech he needs to defeat the enemy.

Irresistiblyadorable, everybody loves a clever mother-child costume. Costume SuperCenter’sselection of Mommy and Me costumes has a memorable, comfortable and cuddlyoption that will reflect your Halloween excitement.

Checkout our amazing clearance section for a treasure trove of high-quality andrarely seen costumes and accessories for infants and toddlers!

Baby & Toddler Costume Ideas and Tips

When you are planning your baby's Halloween costume, there are a few tips you might want to consider so that your celebration is as stress-free and comfortable as possible. Choose a jumpsuit costume for your infant, so they are free to crawl around, play and toddle all they want without you worrying that they're lovely costume is slowly getting shed through activity. Many of the most popular and fan favorite costumes have infant jumpsuit options, so when you are coordinating your families look, your baby will fit right in while staying snug, cuddly and secure in their special outfit. 

For a clever unexpected twist, incorporate some role reversal into your family costume theme, casting the kids as adults and vice versa. A Batman and Robin costume is great, but you can stand out even when your toddler is in charge as Batman. With a little forethought and some outside-the-box thinking, your baby's Halloween will uniquely wonderful and magical.

With all the most popular new costumes of 2018, you will find an exciting and fresh look your baby will love to wear and never want to take off. Check out the official accessories and costume add-ons that will maximize the effectiveness of their outfit. Cuddly headpieces and other plush character toys are a great way to load their costume with personality and individual pizzazz!

Mommy and Me Costumes

Whether your baby would enjoy being a snuggly octopus accompanying his scuba diving Mommy or you would rather show off your family's heroic side with matching Wonder Woman costumes, your Instagram will be racking up likes while your little partner racks up compliments and pinched cheeks. Develop a Mommy and Me look that celebrates your favorite characters from movies and TV. You may just induct a new fan!

Small Prices for Your Small Kiddo!

Find that one elusive piece their costume is missing or open up your imagination and mix and match pieces of different outfits to create the perfect costume for your perfect Halloween baby. With enough creativity, you will create a never-before-seen kids costume that will have all your friends talking and your baby happy and giggling. High quality costumes do not have to include a high price tag. You are shopping smart when you take full advantage of our discounted and specially priced items.

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