Girls Storybook & Fairytale Costumes

Halloween costumes can bring a child's fantasy to life. If your little girl has a favorite storybook character or television heroine that she loves to emulate, she will likely find a costume in that character's likeness by shopping. There's no better way to capture the magic and relive a little princess's fantasy than by becoming that character for one enchanting night. Girl's fairytale costumes are created for just that purpose.

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Girls Storybook & Fairytale Costume Ideas and Tips

Your daughter loved Grimm’s fairy tales when she was small, and now she wants to dress up as a figure from one of them for Halloween! Our storybook fairytale costumes will provide your daughter with a wide selection of different ideas, so she can browse all her favorite fairy tales and pick the one she wants to represent this year. 

Whether she wants to be a beautiful princess, an evil witch, or anything in between, we’ve got her covered with our variety of options. She can even invite her friends from school to be part of a group costume with her, and take all the characters from her favorite fairy tale out trick-or-treating together! Everyone will love how coordinated they are, especially if they act out the fairy tale at each house. For a Halloween straight out of a fairy tale, order your daughter one of our storybook costumes this year!

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