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Girls Superheroes & Villains

If she wants to be her favorite superhero character then you have come to the right place. Of course you want to buy her the costume she wants, but you do not want to pay an arm and a leg for it. The good news is, you don't have to! It is possible to find girl's superhero costumes at a price you can afford when you buy from us. Buy superhero costumes for girls online today!

Girls Superheroes & Villains Costume Ideas and Tips

It’s a bird … it’s a plane … it’s your little Supergirl! Pint-sized superheroes and vivacious villains, get ready to fight crime (or cause a little trouble!) this Halloween in girls’ superheroes and villains costumes. We carry all of the popular DC Comics ensembles your little heroine is looking for, like Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl, Catwoman, Harley Quinn and many more.To ensure the perfect fit for your crime-fighting kid, we recommend taking her waist, height and weight measurements and consulting each costume’s size chart. That way, you're sure to pick the correct size the first time so that you don’t have to waste time exchanging it for a different size - and so that she can get ready to patrol the neighborhood while she’s trick-or-treating.

Meet the Justice League [Infographic]

Little girls need heroes, and there's no better place to start than with Wonder Woman. She's brave, strong and independent, and with a costume and a few super accessories, your little girl can look just like her! Brush up on your knowledge of the Amazon princess, too, with this infographic about her and her Justice League teammates.

DC Comics Supergirl Toddler Costume
Being tough and adorable is what she wants, and you can give her both! With this Supergirl Toddler Costume she can be the highlight of your next costume gala. This great costume has everything that your little girl is going to need to begin her journey as one Earth's toughest heroes! Outfit includes a dress with a shiny blue background with the S logo front and center; it also has an attached yellow belt across the mid section. A frilly red skirt makes up the bottom portion of the dress. It maintains a fun and airy design so she can be comfortable while fighting crime! It also comes with a pair of boot covers so any of her shoes can be apart of this fun outfit! Have her be the perfect superhero in this adorable Deluxe Supergirl Toddler Costume!
Batgirl DC Comics Toddler Costume
She's never been content with just sitting down on the sidelines, she wants to kick butt with the rest of the kids! This Batgirl Toddler Costume is perfect for the little girl who wants to be apart of the action; not just watch! With our officially licensed outfit you can be that she'll be harnessing the power straight from the D.C. comics she's been reading! Costume includes a shiny black dress with Batman logo in gold across the chest. It even comes with a yellow belt, black gloves, and black boot covers to bring the super suit to full style! Tying the caped crusader attire together is a flowing black cape, and authentic styled Batgirl mask! This is a wonderful costume for families looking to do a Batman themed party or group! Let her take on the bad guys in this Batgirl Toddler Costume!
DC Comics Robin Tutu Child Costume
Fight crime and protect Gotham City using the Robin Tutu Child Costume. Many different versions of Batman's sidekick have appeared in comics, cartoons, and films. Now, your child can create their own depiction of the character. Orders come as a dress featuring a red top with printed designs. It has a green skirt and utility belt. You also get a pair of silver gauntlets and a yellow cape. Conceal your identity using the black eye mask piece. Take down the Joker and Catwoman in time to enjoy Halloween parties and other dress up events.
Girls Supergirl Tutu Costume
Don't let Clark push you around just because he's been here a little longer. Wear your Girl's Supergirl Tutu Costume and prove that you're just as good as he is! The sleeveless top is sewn from blue lame and decorated with red trim. Your glittering logo is proudly displayed across the chest to show off your Kryptonian roots. Fasten the golden belt around your waist for a little extra bling. The red tutu overskirt is inlaid with hundreds of sparkles, its opaque red satin base adding extra coverage. Fasten the bright red cape around your neck, pull on the broad wrist cuffs, and go save Metropolis! Earth might be a little boring sometimes, but at least its inhabitants are nice. Wear your Girl's Supergirl Tutu Costume and explore your new home! Add on a pair of red boots and tights (sold here) so you can be prepared for any of Lex's tricks.
DC Comics Batwoman Costume for Girls
Gotham will be safe and sound this Halloween when your little angel is all dressed up in our Batwoman Costume for Girls. With your purchase, you will receive just the Batwoman gear your daughter needs to take down the Joker and Harley Quinn. Featuring a black heroic jumpsuit with 3D gauntlets, a red belt, a red cape, and a bat cowl mask, your daughter will be looking strong as ever with this one. Buy your Batwoman costume today, and go make this Halloween a real Gotham night to remember!
Batgirl Gauntlets
Put the perfect finishing touch onto your femme Dark Knight look with these Batgirl Gauntlets! These black pleather accessories are both decorated with three spikes each. A stunning yellow print of the bat insignia is printed at the wrist on both of the gauntlets.
DC Comics Pink Supergirl Toddler
Start her off on the path to being a superhero this year! When she wears our Pink Supergirl Toddler you can be sure that she'll be the best young lady in training! This adorable Super Girl inspired outfit comes with everything she'll need to emulate a tough superhero! A beautiful pink dress with an S applique front and center that has a complementing cape in the same shade of pink. With a silver belt on the mid section, it pops out and contrasts the vivid pink on the top of the outfit. The lower portion of the outfit has a skirt design to it with matching boot covers so you can be sure that any pair of shoes will match this Super outfit! Have your little girl transform into a new hero when she wears this Pink Supergirl Toddler!
DC Comics Child Premium Batgirl Costume
Your daughter will be taking on villains with ease this Halloween when you pick up our Child Premium Batgirl Costume! With your purchsae, you will receive a beautiful purple top featuring a bright yellow bat logo on the front, a pair of matching pants, a removable yellow cape, a pair of yellow gloves, a belt, and a fun black cowl eye mask. Buy yours today, and then check out our site for the rest of your superhero themed gear and accessories!
DC Comics Child Supergirl Pink Sequin Costume
Your daughter will be soaring through the sky and taking on all kinds of villains this Halloween when you pick up our Child Supergirl Pink Sequin Costume! With your purchase, you will receive everything you need to turn your little angel into a magical pink superhero. She'll be dazzling her enemies with her cuteness alone this year while trick-or-treating. Buy your Supergirl child costume today, and go make this Halloween a truly heroic one!
Girls Batgirl Tutu Costume
You might be the sidekick, but that doesn't mean you can't kick some serious butt! Wear a Girl's Batgirl Tutu Costume to teach the Joker who's boss! This sleeveless dress is jet black, the chest decorated with your golden bat logo. A smaller logo is etched in the comfortable utility belt. Your voluminous skirt is covered with a glittering overskirt that will shine brighter than the Bat signal. The black satin cape has golden trim--close it around your neck and fly off after Batman! A pair of spiked gauntlets will give all your punches a little boost. Put on the sparkling black domino mask and your enemies will never figure out who you are! All the older superheroes might laugh at you and Robin, but just you wait! Get into a Girl's Batgirl Tutu Costume and prove just how strong you are! Remember a pair of black tights and gold flats, sold here.
DC Comics Girls Robin Dress Costume
This Halloween, become Robin of Teen Titans Go! With our Kid's Robin Dress Costume, you'll get a red and green dress, glovelettes, a belt, and even Robin's iconic molded eye mask! You'll become the Teen Titan, down to the yellow R on his chest! Fight alongside Beast Boy, Cyborg, Starfire, and Raven, as you fight crime while looking great doing it. Buy your Kid's Robin Dress Costume costume today!
Kids Supergirl Hairpiece Wig
All superheroes have a 'do with attitude. Supergirl is no different. Your child will look absolutely adorable as she kicks and fights her way to have the best costume on the planet. The Kids Supergirl Hairpiece Wig will put it all together as she comes out of the comic book to look the best ever!
DC Comics Supergirl TV Show Girls Costume
Supergirl has one adventurous afternoon ahead of her once Halloween arrives! Your little girl will blaze with glory in this awesome Supergirl TV Show Girl's Costume! The bright blue hues and official Supergirl logo give her all the authority she needs to fight crime like a true superheroine!
DC Comics Supergirl Child Costume
Comic book characters always wear bright super hero suits with eye catching designs. The Supergirl Children's Costume is a super hero themed outfit that provides you with a fun outfit as a character everyone will recognize and love. Superman is the best of all super heroes and this red, yellow, and blue suit shows his classic look. The blue, long sleeved top features Superman's 'S' logo in yellow and red on the front and a bright red cape attached in the back. The costume also features a wide, shiny gold belt, a bright red skirt, and a set of boot covers. This costume can be worn several times throughout the year and will quickly become your daughter's favorite outfit. Can't think of a costume idea? Superman can come save the day, just order yours today!
DC Comics Supergirl Toddler / Child Costume
Your daughter will be over the moon when she gets to save the world in our Supergirl Child Costume! She'll look like she's visiting from Krypton when she's wearing our red and blue Supergirl costume. This costume will get her ready to leap tall buildings in a single bound and run faster than a speeding bullet!
DC Comics Supergirl Costume for Child
Your daughter will be ready for whatever the world throws her way this Halloween when you dress her up in the Supergirl Costume for Child! With your purchase, you will receive an adorable blue Supergirl jumpsuit with a red "S" emblem on the chest, a golden belt, a bright red cape, and a matching pair of red boot covers. With this heroic attire on, your daughter will be saving the world in no time. Buy your costume today!
DC Super Heros Kids Batgirl Jumpsuit
If your daughter always falls asleep on the way home from trick-or-treating, make it easier for her by dressing her up in this DC Super Heroes Kids Batgirl Jumpsuit! When she wakes up the morning after Halloween wearing the Batgirl logo, she can reach for her Halloween candy knowing she had a super holiday. The Joker won't dare haunt her dreams when she wears her superhero costume to bed, so she can have sweet dreams after trick-or-treating this year.
DC Comics Deluxe Batgirl Childrens Costume
This stylish Batgirl outfit is a fun choice for costume parties, birthday parties, and Halloween. The comic book dress features a fun girly take on Batman's look and classic super hero suit. The costume dress features a shiny black fabric with bright yellow accents. The top is sleeveless, black, and features a yellow Batman logo in the center of the chest. The bright yellow utility belt adds a fun touch as well. The skirt features a scalloped cut hem, which compliments the cape attached to the back and wrist cuffs with pointy accents. The last item of the costume is the black eye mask, which conceals your identity from all of those bad guys, like the Joker. Save Gotham from the evil villains and order your Deluxe Batgirl Children's Costume today!
DC Comics Child Deluxe Batgirl Costume
The Joker and Harley Quinn will be destroyed by cuteness when they catch a glimpse of your daughter wearing the Child Deluxe Batgirl Costume this Halloween! With your purchase, you will receive a beautiful and sparkling purple tutu dress featuring a yellow bat logo on the front, a pair of yellow gauntlets and a belt, a black cape, and a matching black glitter eye mask. Buy your costume today, and go protect Gotham this Halloween with your daughter!
Girl's Bat Girl Deluxe Cape Costume
Your daughter might be dressed up as a sidekick this Halloween, but the Girl's Bat Girl Deluxe Cape Costume is guaranteed to make her the star of the show. She'll look just like her favorite Superhero from Gotham City thanks to this outfit featuring a realistic design, but it's girly color scheme means she can still feel cute while collecting candy. The inside of the cape is made from a shiny purple material, which is also used to trim the entire item from the scalloped hemlines to the ruffled collar. The back of her costume is black and the famous Bat Symbol is embroidered between her shoulders so that everyone knows who she's dressed up as. Our site also offers a matching purse and hair bow set, as well as a purple eye mask if your daughter wants to add accessories to her costume.
DC Comics Girls Batgirl Sequin Costume
Superheroes have a tendency to kick a lot of butt. They have a way of being tough and having all the right moves to get the job done. Make sure that your little girl gets the chance to play along as her favorite hero and look better than ever thanks to our Girl's Batgirl Sequin Costume. It comes with everything that she needs to look the part of her favorite hero and look amazing doing it! Comes with a beautiful sequined dress that has the official Batgirl applique front and center! The dress has an attached frilled skirt that accents her girly style just right! She wouldn't be a hero by revealing her identity, so make sure that she puts on the included eye mask that will contain her identity as long as she can keep it on! Stop by the store and add on a pair of fashionable shoes that will highlight your little girl's martial prowess! You'll love how great she feels thanks to our Girl's Batgirl Sequin Costume.
DC Comics Girls Batgirl Costume
Join Batman and Robin in taking down Gotham's worst villains when you suit up in our Girl's Batgirl Costume. Complete with dress, attached cape, glovelettes, belt, and mask, you can stop the Joker once and for all! The Girl's Batgirl Halloween Costume features the famous bat symbol on the top and on the belt. The bat mask is perfect for keeping your identity secret and the glovelettes have protruding bat spikes to fend off criminals. Order a Girl's Batgirl Costume online so you can join other caped crusaders in fighting the good fight!
DC Comics Girls Supergirl Costume
It's a bird, it's a plane, it's'supergirl! That's what everyone will be shouting when your little girl dresses up as Supergirl for Halloween. The Justice League and Superman need Supergirl's help to protect Earth and that means suiting up in the right costume. Our Girl's Supergirl Costume is ideal for Halloween costume events, trick or treating, or just dressing up in general. Complete with dress, attached hooded cape, belt, and glovelettes, she'll be able to fight crime comfortably! Order a Girl's Supergirl Costume online and no one will ever know she's Kara Zor-El from the planet Krypton!
Kids Batgirl Hairpiece Wig
Top off any look with a licensed wig. If your child has chosen to be Batgirl for Halloween, a wig can make it really fall into place. The Kids Batgirl Haripiece Wig features Batgirl's signature blonde hair sure to make her look like she came right out of the comic book!
Kids DC Comics Batgirl mask
Take down Harley Quinn and the Joker with this DC Comics Batgirl Children's Mask. This item is completely molded from black plastic. There are large eye cut outs for better vision and long bat ears sticking from the top. The mask is a useful item for fighting crime. Check out even more accessories to include with the order.
DC Comics Toddler Supergirl Sequin Costume
This Halloween, give your daughter a superhero look! Dress her up in this fantastic Toddler Supergirl Sequin Costume on Halloween! She'll imagine she's flying midair, battling the bad guys and saving our planet! This fantastic outfit features a brilliant blue sequin dress with the cutest red tutu and gold tone belt! She can't fly without this fabulous red cape to complete her Supergirl look on Halloween! It's all in pure fun!
DC Comics Tween Robin Kids Costume
Your girl will have just enough attitude to stop the Joker in his tracks with our Tween Robin Kids Costume. With this cure costume, your girl can bring the look of the classic comic book together with a cute and contemporary style for girls. It includes dress, belt, cape, eye mask, and metallic green fingerless gloves. The outfit consists of the signature superhero?s colors of red and green, with yellow as an accent color on a metallic sheen dress: The red top features an"R" patch printed onto the left chest along with green sleeves, a yellow belt, and a green attached thigh-length skirt. Also featured and yellow cap ties around the neck, and pairs perfectly with the included black foam eye mask that secures comfortably with an elastic band in the back. She can add her own black knee socks or tights, and black shoes or boots and prepare for battle!
DC Comics Tutu Batgirl Costume for Kids
Give your daughter the Gotham Halloween of a lifetime this year when you pick up our Tutu Batgirl Costume for Kids! With your purchase, you will receive everything you need to transform your little angel into a crime-fighting DC superhero. She'll be taking down the Joker, the Riddler, and Harley Quinn in no time! Buy your costume today, and then scan our site for fun accessories like Batarangs and more!