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Girls Careers

Once upon a time girls Halloween costumes were pretty run of the mill. Especially when it came to girl's occupational costumes. You had your nurse and maybe the waitress or chef but beyond that, there really weren't many other options. However, we offer a larger selection including old time cowgirls and dancers to modern military and police.

Girls Occupational Costume Ideas and Tips

Does your daughter want to show everyone what she wants to be when she grows up at Halloween this year? You can get her one of our girls occupational costumes to let her explore a career early! We have a wide selection of different jobs that will get your daughter thinking about what she wants to be for Halloween, and what she wants to be for the rest of her life! You can make this Halloween even more fun for your daughter by talking to her about different career tracks that you see when browsing our website. You can also get her friends from school involved in this costume and send a whole bunch of little professionals out to trick-or-treat together this Halloween! You’ll love making memories with your daughter that might be foreshadowing her future career. Shop our occupational costumes today and order your daughter an outfit that will inspire her!

Nurse Costume for Girls
Your little one will be ready to tend to patients and heal the sick this Halloween when you pick up our Nurse Costume for Girls. With your purchase, you will receive a pretty white nurse dress with blue trim, as well as a matching white nurse hat with a red cross at the front. When your daughter goes trick or treating with this hospital get-up on, she will feel just like a town hero. Buy your nurse girl costume today, and go make this Halloween a healing one!
Kids White Ankle Combat Boot
Searching for a pair of white boots to complete your costume? The Children's White Ankle Combat Boots are sure to make any Halloween costume a hit this year. These high top ankle boots are white as snow, and are adorned with a 1? heel and a black sole. The look is both simple, pure, and stylish. Whether you're planning to be a sailor, a Stormtrooper, or a horseback rider this year, there is no doubt you'll be feeling professional in these boots. Don't delay, purchase your pair today!
Kid's Police Girl Costume
If your daughter loves cop dramas, yelling "freeze!" at imaginary bad guys, and plays coffee and donut party instead of tea party then this Kid's Police Girl Costume may be for her. Whether she uses it for Halloween or wears it every weekend as part of her crime stopping routine is up to her. But she will get everything she needs to make it happen including a policewoman's hat, authentic looking badge, a police belt, and a policewoman's uniformed dress!
Lunch Lady Costume For Girls
Serve up some style and amazing food this Halloween with the Lunch Lady Costume for Girls. Any child will want to be a princess or a queen, but this unique costume is something she can make all on her own. This classic look is a Halloween treat with polyester cloth that you can move around in. For their next Halloween party or event, choose the Lunch Lady Costume for Girls!
Navy / Sailor Costume for Girls
Ahoy mate! When the ship rocks on the rough seas, the sailors are the first ones to get on deck to battle the storm! Now, your little gal can get in on the adventure of a lifetime when she sports this Navy / Sailor Costume for Girls! This adorable outfit features all the classic colors and brilliant style of official sailors! Her dainty look starts with a sailor's hat that will rest comfortably upon her lock of curls or wavy hair! A crisp, white dress fashioned in traditional sailor style gives her plenty of girly charm! The flared dress features at the edge, a set of bold, double blue lines similar to customary sailor outfits! A pretty red bow sits at the center of the top, proudly showing off the red, white and blue! Your little girl will be all smiles when she puts on this gleaming white Navy / Sailor Costume for Girls!
Sailor Costume for Girls
Get ready to sail the seven seas in this fitting costume! Introducing the Sailor Costume for Girls! Board the ship and set sail while having the ultimate party onboard. Whether it's a birthday, a costume party, or anything else where a costume makes sense, you look like you actually belong on the ship. Steer the ship to a treasure island, and uncover all the secrets on it! This costume can also be great for beach and pool parties too!
Major Girls Costume
Our sassy Major Girls Costume will have people saluting your little one all night long. Now this is a costume to pay attention to! It's clear that your little one has strong opinions about the world she lives in so this costume made of 100% polyester will fit her perfectly. This child costume comes with everything your child needs to give orders and includes a dress, belt, hat, and gloves. The dress is tan color and is with a printed star on the sides at the waist, along with an opened digital camouflage design in the front. The included belt is studded and is a comfortable fit at the waist for holding her hands down on during interrogations. This costume also comes with a matching cadet style cap with a short brim lined with a black, shiny faux leather material. Just add a few touches like a pair of sunglasses and some black boots, and your child will be ready to whip any recruit into shape
Girls Veterinarian Costume
You've always had a soft spot in your heart for animals. Suit up in a Girl's Veterinarian Costume and go help them out! This set is made of soft and breathable polyester, letting you stay warm without making you sweat up a storm. The short-sleeved design will leave your arms and hands free to hold onto all the puppies and kittens that come through the doors. Property of Critter Clinic: Do Not Remove is printed on the chest to keep people from trying to take your scrubs. The straight-legged pants fall all the way to the floor, helping to keep you clean. You remember the last time Fido got cut up from that fight with the stray. Make sure he never has to go through cuts like that again when you put on this Girl's Veterinarian Costume with a stethoscope, flats, and reflector, sold here.
Childs Registered Nurse Costume
Encourage your kids to look up to the everyday heroes in your neighborhood like doctors, nurses, police officers and firefighters. Start with Childs Registered Nurse Costume, which is a great choice for a Halloween costume and for pretend play. The two-piece set includes a dress and a hat.
Girls Sailor Girl Costume
Child Ballerina Pocketbook Accessory
Girl's Airforce Stewardess Costume
Transform your child into a brave fighting woman on the front of battle this season with our Girls? Airforce Stewardess Costume. Serve alongside their fellow airmen, or let her take the controls for herself, this powerful outfit will give them all the confidence they need to make a flight plan this Halloween! Featuring a smart and elegantly constructed outfit pulled straight out of the armed forces, our well-crafted design is immediately recognizable. Featuring a blue stewardess outfit, your kids can take to the skies in style with this powerful costume. She?ll be able to keep up with the boys this year and serve just as well equipped with any number of prop sidearms or just using her genius to find her way out of a fight! Luckily, you won't have to serve in the airforce this year to get your hands on our fantastic costume, so give a salute this Halloween with our exceptional Girl?s Airforce Stewardess Costume and get ready for the takeoff of an amazing holiday season!
Ms Fix It Costume For Girls
As a young girl, you need to tell your child that she can be anything she wants to be. Empower her. Anything boys can do she can do better. With the Fix It Costume for Girls she can be her very own mechanic. This kids costume is adorable and she will love to feel strong while wearing it. This polyester costume is comfortable so she can fix anything that crosses her path.
Police Costume
Police officers are heroes of the town and city, always stopping criminals and delinquents, while keeping the common innocent pedestrians safe and sound. What would we do without these brave and local heroes? This Halloween, celebrate those in blue when you buy the Police Costume! Enter the party as a heroic cop, and you?ll have everyone so happy you are there. After all, who doesn?t feel safe and protected when a cop enters the scene? Everyone will love you! Team up with some of your other buddies this Halloween, and you all can go as a gang of enforcing police officers. Talk about a fun time. Ordinarily, cops are the ones breaking up the parties, but this Halloween, you?ll be the one who gets the party going! With your purchase of this costume, you?ll receive everything you need to become the best looking cop in the bunch. Pick up your Police Costume today, and this Halloween, become the silent hero you already know you are.