Gypsy Costumes

Costume SuperCenter sees a new Halloween costume in your future! What could it be? We’ll have to grab our crystal ball to find out! If you’ve always been somewhat of a free-spirit or are just looking to be one for the night, then get the perfect costume as a gypsy this Halloween. With loose and flowy rags, you’ll look bohemian chic and have everyone lining up asking for you to tell their fortune. With turbans, cymbals, and crystal balls, Costume SuperCenter has everything you need to create a night fit for a gypsy!

Gypsy Costume Ideas and Tips

Tell someone’s fortune or enchant a hapless villager in one of our alluring gypsy costumes! You’ll be transformed into one of the nomads of European folklore when you put on one of our charmingly bohemian romani-inspired Halloween costumes. You can find long floral skirts, head scarves, and all the other costume pieces you need to get your gypsy outfit perfect. You’ll be as seductive as the gypsy Carmen when you put on one of our gypsy ensembles and start playing a haunting tune on your fiddle or tambourine. 

Everyone will be talking about your mysterious and magical gypsy outfit when they see you floating through the crowd in one of our fashionable and authentic costumes! You can even get a group costume together and attend a Halloween party as one of a whole band of gypsies. Roam from party to party as a traveling tribe of gypsies, getting compliments on your outfits wherever you go!

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