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Abroad Asia

Get in touch with your own culture or someone else's with our Asian costumes. Countries in the continent include Japan, China, Laos, Mongolia, South Korea and more. Many of our costume selections can fit with these nations. We offer a variety of looks and styles to represent as many people as possible. Reconnect with ancestors and your family's history or kindly respect others and their beliefs while in our Asian outfits. Buy your Asian costumes online today!

Asian Costume Ideas and Tips

Celebrate Eastern tradition and lore with our huge selection of Asian costumes and costume accessories. Live out your fantasy of being a magical Kung Fu Master, or add a layer of theater to your cooking when you don our Sushi Chef costume. To ensure you get the right fit the first time, be sure to take your chest, waist and inseam measurements to check against your costumes size chart before ordering.

If you would just like to add some exotic flare to an existing costume, check out our folding paper Geisha Flags and other eastern inspired accessories. Have fun mixing and matching accessories with different outfits to create a one-of-a-kind character that is all your own. Adorable and elegant, our kimono dresses for children and toddlers can add a fun new dimension to your little ones Halloween or play time. For any costumed occasion year-round, we have the perfect outfit for you!

Bald with Ponytail Wig
This magical Bald with Ponytail Wig will make all your wishes come true! With an included bald cap, attached brown ponytail, and a golden ponytail holder, you'll feel just like a dashing genie in no time. Use this costume accessory to instantly transform you into whatever character you can imagine. Hide any of your actual hair under the latex bald cap and show off your luscious ponytail. You'll be granting wishes in no time with this wig.
Womens Sexy Red Ginger Costume
Cherry Blossom Princess Costume For Girls
The Asian Princess Child is a unique outfit that features a striking style and bright colors. The outfit features a traditional Kimono design, just like the women of Ancient Japan wore. The Kimono adds an exotic and eye catching element to the outfit and is so much fun to wear. The Asian Princess Child comes with dress, obi style waist sash, and headpiece. The pink Kimono style dress features a lovely floral and scrolling vine print all over. The dress features a long skirt and open bell cuffs at the sleeves, with wide trim in hot pink at the neck and cuffs. The waist sash is extra wide and also hot pink. Lastly, the traditional Japanese style headpiece adds the perfect finishing touch and adds that last great detail to let everyone know you're a member of the royal family. Order your Asian Princess Child today!
Geisha Wig
Be dolled up this Halloween with this gleaming Geisha Women's Black Wig! Your Halloween disguise is accentuated with the shiny hairdo provided by this midnight black Geisha Wig! Transform into a well-mannered geisha or delve into the adventures of the feminine sort when you wear this Geisha Wig!
China Girl Adult Wig
Take a trip halfway around the world without ever leaving the neighborhood with the China Girl Geisha Wig Adult! The wig is composed of long, straight black hair with short bangs across the forehead. The bun on the top of the head has red tassels and other beaded decorations hanging from it.
Womens Sexy Japanese Lady Costume
Womens Sexy Geisha Costume
Black Lace Fan
Finish your Halloween costume by accessorizing with the Black Lace Fan! The fan is decorated with intricate lace that has flowers sewn into the fabric for a dainty touch to your look this year. This fan goes great with your Spanish dancer costume, or you can use it to dress up a multitude of other outfits.
Child Geisha Hairstyle Hat
Womens Gorgeous Geisha Fuschia Costume
Womens Gorgeous Geisha Teal Costume
Womens Sexy Eskimo Kisses Costume
Womens Dragon Empress Costume
Become one with the reptiles with the Women's Dragon Empress Costume. You can rule the dragons from your favorite movie or show with this show stopping costume. The Women's Dragon Empress Costume comes with a long, beautiful gown and a cape (earrings, gloves, and tights not included.) Take a walk on the wild side with this ensemble that's fit for royalty. Pick this costume up for a look you'll want to wear over and over again.
Sensei Master Adult Costume
Every warrior needs a teacher and for the ninja and students of karate, their teacher is a sensei. You can be an honorable instructor when you put on the Men's Sensei Master Costume. This outfit includes a long black robe and a tunic. The tunic is made of distressed fake leather; it fits over the shoulder and down the front of the back. In Japanese, sensei can be translated literally as person born before another. The term is used as a sign of respect for all teachers as well as a number of professionals and people who have mastered a certain skill. There are many famous sensei in films and animation, these include Mr. Miyagi the classic film The Karate Kid and Splinter in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. You can be a sensei of your own creation with this outfit.
Cherry Blossom Princess Costume For Girls
Step into a culture they've never ever seen before. For your next Halloween, costume party, or international, let the Asian Costume For Girls become their next ensemble. This ensemble resembles their favorite Cherry Blossom Princess, the best right from the movie! They will love to feel like their favorite feisty princess in this ensemble that looks like it came right out of the screen. It will bring honor to us all!