Jester Costumes

Entertain the idea of being a jester for Halloween. With a jester costume from Costume SuperCenter, you can be sure everyone will be smiling this year. We offer a selection of jester outfits for men, women, and kids for a variety of styles and fits. With low prices and fast shipping, you can order your Jester costume today!

Jester Costume Ideas and Tips

Entertain everyone on Halloween in one of our jester costumes! These harlequin costumes will make everyone at your Halloween party laugh. Just put on one of these hats with bells, and you’ll be ready to perform at a king’s court, or just at your friend’s house! If you practice your routine, you’ll be able to really knock people’s socks off, especially if you invest in our diamond-patterned jumpsuits with curled-up toes! 

In the middle ages, a court jester was just the thing for a refined nobleman’s entourage, and you can be one of these mercurial figures when you choose one of our many colorful jester costumes to wear on Halloween. You can also get a group of friends involved to be your fellow jesters, or maybe to be your noble audience! Whatever you choose, our jester costumes will serve you well as you perform your antics for the crowd on Halloween.

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