Jewelry & Wands Accessories

Whether the event you are attending is in honor of a little girl's birthday, a bachelorette party or simply a party with a fairy or princess theme, tiaras and wands are an essential accessory. These simple touches add the extra magic needed to create the perfect princess or fairy. If your little girl is holding a birthday party or is to a friend's party, a fairy is a fantastic outfit for a little girl as they often love to dress-up in pink and sparkles and a wand featuring a star is the ideal accessory.

Similarly, the theme of princesses is popular at a child's birthday party. Little girls adore emulating their favorite princess, often from one of the Disney films. There are many wands and tiaras available that replicate the wands and tiaras worn by the princesses in these films, such as Belle, Ariel, Rapunzel, Tiana and Jasmine. It is not just children that enjoy this theme as it is also a good choice for women. If you want to create a look that is more adult and move away from the typical choice of pink and glitter, then try wearing a black feathered tiara. This style will look equally as good at a part with a burlesque or Moulin Rouge theme.

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