Makeup Supplies

Makeup is great way to complete your look. It is available both in kits for specific themes, and separately. Kits are most often sold for clowns, vampires, and witches. White, black, and colored face paint is sold by itself, as is fake blood. For those who really enjoy using prosthetics to complete a costume, stage make up may be the way to go. Theatrical quality grease paints and tools can provide professional results with only a little bit of skill. With some practice, it is possible to make realistic black eyes and cuts or scrapes, and adds facial hair or prosthetic facial features. It is possible to use face paints for many of these same techniques with similar results.

Makeup Supplies Ideas and Tips

Any lady will tell you that makeup is a girl’s best friend.  It’s also best friend to clowns, zombies, werewolves and many more.  On Halloween, makeup is crucial.  That’s why we carry a large selection of Makeup Supplies that can transform you into something friendly or something frightening.  Our clown makeup kits do just that.  

Some kits include instructions for a fun, happy circus clowns while others show you how to become a killer clown.  Other kits can help you become a zombie, a werewolf, a vampire or a china doll. Our makeup can help you become the Hulk, a supervillain like Harley Quinn, a Monster High girl and so much more. There are times other than Halloween where makeup is important. A really loyal sports fan may cover himself in his team’s color using body pants.  Green body paint is popular for St. Patrick’s Day and purple, green and gold are popular for Mardi Gras. What are you waiting for?  Order now.

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