Monster Costumes

Monsters come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. There are small and there are large; round and flat. Just like them, we have tons of monster costumes that you can create any type of creature you want. No matter the case, they are so common in popular culture that many of us think that they are real so scare your friends.

Monster Costume Ideas and Tips

Monsters make Halloween irresistibly fun! From the Frankenstein creature who emerged over a century ago to the traditional Cookie Monster of Sesame Street, we’ll satisfy your appetite for monster costumes! Every age can participate in merry monster making! For starters, infants who can barely walk will giggle plenty when wearing our Baby Frankenmonster Costume! Parents who want a cozy costume for their baby can even opt for our classic monsters, like Elmo! The fun hardly stops there! With every age, we’ve got a monster disguise just for them! 

For the adults looking for jolly excitement, our range of monster outfits will leave you almost speechless, like Frankenstein himself! Get a glimpse of true movie enchantment with our Universal Studios Monsters Frankenstein Adult Plus Costume, a truly complete disguise from head to toe! Ladies, exude a little eeriness with our massive Monster Bride Adult Wig that streams high into the sky with stark white and midnight black hues! You’ll discover amazing monster disguises right here, right now, just in time to make Halloween magic!

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