Moses Costumes

Lead your people to our costume website to find a great Moses costume for any event. Moses is the Biblical character who has spoken to God and is tasked with helping those in need. Being Moses will mean you are definitely the chosen one! Pick out a high quality Moses costume to wear. They come at low prices while maintaining a great look.

Moses Costume Ideas and Tips

When you have a burning desire to transform into a prophet this Halloween season, look no further than to our Moses outfits! In the 13the century BCE, Moses may have authored the Torah, courageously led his people and taught religious creeds to the community, but he’s just as revered today as ever! Revisit the ancient stories and bring Moses to life with any of our Moses disguises! Whether you are a grown adult or have a young son who’s got an itch to be Moses for Halloween or for a school play, you’re in luck! Our Holy Moses Costume for adults is so complete, you’ll scream with disbelief, “Holy, moly!” 

Believe in the magic of elaborate costumes! We’ll make your every costume dream a reality! Perhaps you’ve got a clean shaven look. Or, maybe your beard hasn’t made it all the way to your neck. You can still achieve the grandeur of Moses, with our Moses Wig/Beard! You’ll instantly age a thousand years with our full, lush wig and beard, with curly grey locks that gracefully hang down to your waist! When you’re looking for a realistic Moses disguise, look no further than our amazing Moses costumes!

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