Moses Costumes

Lead your people to our costume website to find a great Moses costume for any event. Moses is the Biblical character who has spoken to God and is tasked with helping those in need. Being Moses will mean you are definitely the chosen one! Pick out a high quality Moses costume to wear. They come at low prices while maintaining a great look.

Find a Moses costume for Halloween or religious event

Moses (Moshe in Hebrew) led the Israelites out of Egypt and parted the Red Sea for the Jews to cross. This meant the end of their slavery and made for a Exodus story from the Old Testament. Moses also received the 10 Commandments directly from God. He has been an integral figure within many moments of the religious history. The leader of the Jewish people makes a great choice for a Halloween costume. So buy your Moses robes online today!

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Pick out one of our Moses costumes for your next church event. Play the part of Moses during plays and performances. We have full Moses robes, costumes, beard pieces and wigs to create a full appearance. Browse through all of our religious themes to find something else to match with this item. Order from our wide selection of quality accessories and props to add as well. Find a Moses Halloween costume for men and kids today!

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