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Oktoberfest reminds us of foreign lands, distant traditions, and common folks having decent fun. Oktoberfest costumes fit the style of average people just out to party. Yet the original celebration is based upon the marriage of royalty rather than commoners. Buy your Oktoberfest costume for men and women online today!

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In 1810, the Bavarian Crown Prince Ludwig took the Saxon-Hildburghausen Princess Therese for his wife. The festivities lasted over five days. The Oktoberfest costume of choice was merely the daily attire of the people. At the time, a horse race was the main event of the party. The celebration grows larger and more elaborate with each passing year. More and more partygoers have discovered the joy of donning an Oktoberfest costume to better experience this wonderful aspect of Germany history. Modern celebrations include tree climbing competitions, sack races, and folks reflecting the times in a select product. You can also expect to view and participate in goose chases, various mechanical rides, and mush eating contests.

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Guys: Keep your hands to yourself. Some of these German ladies make a perfect fit for our girl's adult Oktoberfest Costume. You married ones might even want to capture your wife in the ribbon-trimmed full dress Oktoberfest Costume for girls. It is a head turner.

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German beers are the number one Oktoberfest beverages. Add to the humor of the event by dressing in our Miss Oktoberfest Costume that features a working breast-shaped beer dispenser. Hey, this product is an experiment in voluptuous laughter.

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We offer quality Oktoberfest outfits sized to fit the full figured, the perfect figured, and those made up of skin and bones. Our men's Oktoberfest Costumes consists of a shirt, shorts/coveralls, knee socks, lederhosen with suspenders, and a hat with a neatly placed feather. For the ladies, we provide a premier girl's Oktoberfest Costume that includes an enticing, shape-fitting dress with attached apron and petticoat. The girl's items also come with a headscarf and ankle socks. Ladies might also enjoy completing their chosen get-ups by opting for an adult blonde braids wig accessory.

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