Straight Jacket Costumes

Keep yourself together in one of these Straight Jacket items. You will have to hold onto your sanity along with the rest of your body when wearing one of these. Our items are meant to look as authentic as possible. There are long sleeves, attached straps, and other features. Use them to restrain yourself if needed.

Straight Jacket Costume Ideas and Tips

Go a little crazy this Halloween.  Of course, we mean that in the best way possible. Which is why we carry a wide variety of straight jacket costumes. These outfits are perfect for the guy or girl who is known to go a little nuts with their celebratory outings. 

Show up to the Halloween party dressed to impress a psychiatric ward, already restrained and ready for transport! Or maybe you want to add one of our fantastically scary half masks a la Hannibal Lecter and have your friends wheel you in on a dolly apparatus. Either way, you’ll be rewarded with a few gasps, compliments and – if the partiers are bold – high fives. Because who doesn’t want to be friends with the best costume in the party? So, stand out this Halloween. Restrain yourself in the best way possible. Take a look at our straight jacket costumes and push the envelope this Holiday season.

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