Girls Halloween Costumes


These little details make a costume brilliant. Masks, boots, gloves, and hats are examples of accessory items that can lend excitement to your girl’s costume. We feature a huge selection of accessories, so you will have an easy time navigating to the most appropriate one for your child’s chosen costume. Or, those who are keen on keeping expenses to a minimum can put together a DIY costume with our great choice of accessories. Simply slip on our Disney’s Elena of Avalor tiara onto your girl’s head, and she’ll instantly transform into a magical princess, with or without a matching dress! Imagine all the budget-friendly looks you can create with accessories. When your child is lost in the world of Disney’s Descendants 2, she’ll find her way with a little encouragement toward our Uma Isle Look wig, with its gorgeous blue braids that hang beyond her shoulders. Your girl will be overjoyed when she puts on our Disney’s Tangled Repunzel wig, designed just for little ones like yours! If pop culture is on your child’s mind, then our Michael Jackson glittering white glove will add sparkle to her world. The selection of accessories here is beyond amazing.

Even thrifty parents will find the perfect girl’s Halloween costume in our clearance section. We offer a wide array of colorful, high-quality outfits for under $20! Whether your daughter is itching to be a pink genie or a cute bumblebee, we have your back—and we’ll literally cover your girl’s back too, with our wonderful outfits. Nearly 200 costumes are showcased in the under $20 category, so be prepared to save a bundle and make your child happy—all at once! Guide your child through a princess warrior’s adventure, as she parades through the battlefields in our girl’s warrior princess costume, complete with a dashing red cape, shimmery gold dress, and a snuggly hood to match—all for under $15. Find a bargain with us!

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