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The imagination of little girls takes them far and wide. From the safe confines of their bedroom, witches with pointy hats and candy cane colored tights can fly through the air. Majestic queens manage their dainty queendom, filled with dignified courtiers and hilarious jesters. Through our costumes, we will give life to whatever character your girl dreams up. Our extensive selection of girl’s costumes features popular trending outfits and unique, new ones that no one has seen before!

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Once your little girl makes her costume selection for the season, she will have ample opportunity to wear the outfit on several occasions. Whether she chooses to be Snow White or Princess Jasmine, she will be able to throw on the costume for Halloween, a school play, a children’s costume party, or simply to experience her at-home playtime to the fullest extent possible. We all know the classic stories of Aladdin and Rapunzel that have thrilled generations of children.

Popular Licenses for Girls

Our costumes are licensed, so your little girl enjoys all the play and fun involved in dressing up like a superhero or a Star Wars villain! Our popular licenses are based on recent trends, so your girl will have her first choice of her favorite heroes. The Last Jedi girl’s Rey costume is one such popular outfit from our vast selection. Our deluxe Batgirl children’s costume will ensure your daughter is engaged for hours, fighting crime in Gotham City and committing to courage, honor, and fun!

Theselittle details make a costume brilliant. Masks, boots, gloves, and hats areexamples of accessory items that can lend excitement to your girl’s costume. 

Eventhrifty parents will find the perfect girl’s Halloween costume in our clearancesection. We offer a wide array of colorful, high-quality outfits for under $20!

Momand daughter always make a cute photo. This Halloween, why not get matchingcostumes for both mom and child? You’llfind fantastic matching costumes for both adults and children!

Dadand daughter, too, make a lovely family photo! Get wild and wacky in yourchoice of costumes for 2018 by dressing up in picture-perfect outfits. 

Girls Halloween Costume Ideas and Tips

So now that you know we have an unbelievable range of Halloween costumes from which to choose, how do you help your child narrow down her pick? Our first tip is to have a snack and sit down with your favorite girl for an afternoon of scrolling through our website. Our site is loaded with clear, bright images of girls in every costume. Your child will get a firsthand look at how she will appear by gazing at our adorable little models dressed up in the very outfits your daughter is considering. Another tip to get started on the journey toward the perfect costume for the upcoming season is to figure out with your daughter what her favorite movies or television shows. She just may rattle off a few, so be prepared to sit for a few hours while she unleashes her enthusiasm! 

Our website is categorized conveniently, so you and she can scour through categories, like TV, movies, Disney Princess, animals, pirates, historical, and more. Each costume offers a variation of sizes, so you want a costume that offers the perfect fit. Our deluxe costumes include more costume components for a truly engaging outfit. On the other hand, our classic costumes are still beautiful and simple, and they can be enhanced with various accessories of choice from our site.

Little Miss Popular

Your daughter will enjoy wearing these timeless outfits year after year. These illustrious costumes never go out of style. After all, the Brothers Grimm published Rapunzel in 1812—and the characters in that beloved story endure and fascinate audiences to this day! Even characters without a known history are popular—such as pirates and witches. No matter what character your daughter takes delights in, we have a wide assortment for the picking!

She can show her might in our licensed girl’s Wonder Woman sequin costume. She’ll razzle and dazzle them all, while preserving the rights of citizens all over her playroom. Plus, our licensed girl’s costumes offer incredible variety with each character. Let’s say, for example, your child has a wish to be Wonder Woman for an afternoon. We’ve got her covered! Our Wonder Woman outfits span a wide range, so your child can choose an outfit that features a shield and cape or one that dazzles in the glittering light. Our deluxe Wonder Woman girl’s costume even comes with shin guards. If your daughter tends to be more girly, she’ll be pleased with our incredibly cute girl’s Wonder Woman tutu costume. We have all the licensed costumes your child will adore!

Show Off the Extra Touches

We feature a huge selection of accessories, so you will have an easy time navigating to the most appropriate one for your child’s chosen costume. Or, those who are keen on keeping expenses to a minimum can put together a DIY costume with our great choice of accessories. Simply slip on our Disney’s Elena of Avalor tiara onto your girl’s head, and she’ll instantly transform into a magical princess, with or without a matching dress! Imagine all the budget-friendly looks you can create with accessories. 

When your child is lost in the world of Disney’s Descendants 2, she’ll find her way with a little encouragement toward our Uma Isle Look wig, with its gorgeous blue braids that hang beyond her shoulders. Your girl will be overjoyed when she puts on our Disney’s Tangled Repunzel wig, designed just for little ones like yours! If pop culture is on your child’s mind, then our Michael Jackson glittering white glove will add sparkle to her world. The selection of accessories here is beyond amazing.

Start Teaching Her How to Find a Bargain!

Whether your daughter is itching to be a pink genie or a cute bumblebee, we have your back—and we’ll literally cover your girl’s back too, with our wonderful outfits. Nearly 200 costumes are showcased in the under $20 category, so be prepared to save a bundle and make your child happy—all at once! Guide your child through a princess warrior’s adventure, as she parades through the battlefields in our girl’s warrior princess costume, complete with a dashing red cape, shimmery gold dress, and a snuggly hood to match—all for under $15. Find a bargain with us!

Dress Up With Her and Make Her Halloween

When you want to surprise and impress with a Mommy and Me costume, then our adult Wonder Woman movie costume will match perfectly with any of our children’s Wonder Woman disguises! Simply browse through our enviable selections, and you and your daughter can arrive at an agreement in perfect unison. Like mom, like daughter, right? Indeed, share with your daughter your love of all things superhuman, from Wonder Woman to Belle!

On the flip side, Our deluxe muscle chest Batman costume will pair wonderfully with our Kids DC Comics Supergirl costume deluxe for a Daddy and Me costume. See what we mean? You will find endless ideas to achieve perfect harmony in coordinating costumes when you browse our store online. Mix things up a little in your family, and add some excitement to the close of 2018 with delightful matching outfits from us.

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