Amelia Earhart Costumes

What happened to Amelia Earhart? It has been a mystery for close to 80 years. You can be this bold female pilot when you put on an Amelia Earhart costume. We carry a great selection of accessories and Amelia Earhart costumes for both girls and woman and they are all affordably priced.

Amelia Earhart Costume Ideas and Tips

Get ready for some high-flying adventure with one of the most famed aviators of all times when you select from our Amelia Earhart costumes! As the first woman of the sky, you have a costume that exhibits legendary girl power in an action part and stylish outfit. She may have disappeared but you can find her Aviator suit, with goggles and everything, right here! Your little girl will have an awesome costume for Halloween, school plays or everyday for pretend. To ensure you get a good fit the first time, take your child's measurements and check your costumes size chart before ordering. They will be in the pilot seat for a terrific Halloween and you will be the perfect wingman! 

Check out our Amelia Earhart accessory set to give a little bit of that adventurous spirit to any outfit you choose. Add them to a steampunk costume for a great hybrid look everyone will love. Take off with a Halloween costume that is historical and truly epic!

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