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Halloween Treat Bags
Wizard of Oz Trick or Treat Pail
Carry your candy all the way back to Kansas this Halloween with our fantastic Wizard of Oz Trick-or-Treat Pail! This sturdy plastic construction features Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man, and the Cowardly Lion strolling through a spooky nighttime stroll! This pail can carry all the sweets and candy you gather this season while traveling through Oz or just your local neighborhood. Capable of holding the night's worth of candy without dropping or breaking, this sturdy design couldn't be better even if you wished for it with the ruby slippers! Make the memories sweet this year with this trick-or-treat pail featuring the characters from The Wizard of Oz!
Horse Trick-or-Treat Corduroy Bag
Is that a cowhand running around the neighborhood? And she has a Horse Trick-or-Treat Corduroy Bag to go along with her costume. The design features a light brown horse with a white face and dark brown hooves, mane and tail, all made from with a corduroy pattern. On back are two white carry handles and a zipper so your child can zip up all her goodies and keep them safe. After Halloween, she can use this playful bag to carry toys, school supplies and other items.
Glow In The Dark Party Tote Bag
This Glow In the Dark Tote Bag is hardly scary, but it is definitely the perfect bag for holding all of your child's Halloween candy. Is measures 12" x 15" and has two sturdy plastic handles. Because it is a common Halloween image, the tote will match any costume for boys or girls.
Tot Sand Pail Minion
Make going out a memorable experience that's sure to blow you and your tyke out of the water. Our Tot Sand Pail Minion is a great way to have your kids get excited for the upcoming summer months! Dig a moat or castle with this sand pail!