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Mirror Ninja Silver Costume
Become a true master of the martial arts with an outfit that will allow you remain unseen from the shadows. Lay in wait for the perfect moment to strike, adorned in the deadly Mirror Ninja Silver Costume. When your target gets close, unleash a barrage of your best karate moves in an outfit that embodies the philosophy of these deadly assassins. The Mirror Ninja Silver Costume is a head-to-toe all black ensemble with only silver highlights on locations such as the wrist, ankles, and the imposing mirror mask, ensuring that when you do choose to reveal yourself you will make for an opponent that nobody will dare trifle with. Perfect for costume parties, and Halloween, you and your friends won?t be able to resist playing out fun martial arts battles thanks to this cinematic ninja costume. Pick up a weapon prop kit for added fun, and show everyone what you can really do when armed with the weapons of the ninja.
Gold Ninja Costume for Boys
So you want to be a fierce and fiery ninja this Halloween? Well, then we certainly have the costume for you. This Gold Ninja Costume for Boys will have you feeling like the divine king of all ninjas. Adorned in luxurious gold, there's nothing more high and mighty than this dazzling get-up. Fight your foes with punches, kicks, and ninja stars, all while blinding them with the pure radiance of your golden attire. Black, blue, and red ninjas can be found anywhere. That's just a fact. They're a dime a dozen in the world of ninjas. But a ninja decked out in pure gold? Now that you don't see everyday. Become the most stylish martial artist of all when donning this special attire. Just be sure to scan our site for some extra golden accessories and weapons to make your ninja costume even more powerful than it already is. Every ninja could use a sword, a pair of nunchucks, and a couple of ninja stars to throw and take down their enemies with. But of course, it's up to you which weapons you fee
Gold Ninja Avenger Child Costume
You have reached the most powerful and can now wear this Gold Ninja Avenger Child Costume. The most skilled warriors are only allowed to don the ensemble. Orders come as a pair of golden pants with matching shirt top. The included vest piece has green and black designs. Conceal your identity using the golden hood. You may stand out in a crowd but enemies dare not approach!
Ninja Sword
Fight off your foes by using this spectacular Ninja Sword. It features a long, skinny blade with matching sword cover and strap. Pair with a ninja costume for the best outfit at your Halloween party.
Girls Pink Crystal Ninja Costume
Let your daughter become a powerful warrior with her Pink Crystal Ninja Costume. In feudal Japan, shinobi and kunoichi were renowned for their prowess in stealth and one-on-one combat. In this outfit, your girl can pay tribute to these honorable mercenaries. With her striking pink and black attire, she will look unstoppable. Buy a Girls Pink Crystal Ninja Costume online today!
Economy Ninja Sword
Every ninja needs an outstanding sword! This Economy Ninja Sword gives you the traditional weapon of choice of those old-time stealth assassins! Made of high-quality plastic this 23 in sword with sheath comes with authentic detail design and enough durability that you will be good for an entire Halloween of ninja action! Where in side the sheath to show you our battle cred or walk around with it in your hands to show everyone you're ready for anything! Add a black ninja mask and you are ready for some martial arts Adventure! Order your Economy Ninja Sword online today and avoid the crowded Halloween stores!
Baby/Toddler Ninja Costume
Are you slick? How about sly? What about your little one? Sometimes when they're sleeping they're about as quiet as a ninja. Get them going with the Ninja costume for infants. Your little bundle of joy is having their first Halloween and the ninja costume is funny and cute for your little one to be all dressed up and bundled. They'll be comfortable all Halloween night long and you can use this costume over and over.
Boy's Blue Dragon Ninja Costume
He can split the difference between House Of Flying Daggers and Game of Thrones when he chooses this Boy's Blue Dragon Ninja Costume! In this ninja costume, he can feel like the slickest warrior in imperial Japan, and when he pairs it with his favorite martial arts weapon he and his little friends can turn your block into the setting for the next big kung fu movie. His karate teacher is sure to be impressed!
Child's White Ninja Avenger Costume - Series 1
Most people arent aware of the fact that not all ninjas wear black. Any kid with a love for action and a keen sense of mystery will love dressing up in this Childs White Ninja Avenger Costume. Theres nothing quite as cool as a noble warrior who conceals his identity in the name of justice. And white was actually one of the preferred colors of the original ninjas, who actually worked during the daytime, too. But forget about the legends, just get into this costume and have some fun!
Child's Jade Ninja Avenger Costume - Series I
Get your kid ready for action and adventure in this Childs Jade Ninja Avenger Costume (Series I). Whats more fun than playing the part of a secret warrior with world-class kung-fu skills who fights on the side of honor and justice? Not much. Kids just love putting on the mask and assuming their crime-fighting alter ego. And aside from being a mysterious character, ninjas are the most respected by all mythical characters in the universe.
Black Ninja Avenger Child Costume
Strike in the silence of the night with this Black Ninja Avenger Child Costume. Kids who enjoy some action-packed fun will definitely like dressing up in this ensemble. Orders include a black shirt top and pair of pants. A vest piece has printed designs and the hood conceals your identity. Show off some moves while at Halloween parties and trick-or-treating.
Boys Red/Black Skull Ninja Costume
Samurai Costume for Men
Few warriors have earned as much respect as the Samurai of Japan have. They were average people recruited by landowners but eventually Samurai grew to be the highest ranking social caste. They had strong ethics that valued loyalty and self-discipline. Order the Samurai Costume for Men and learn the ways of these warriors.
Dark Ninja Costume for Men
When you show up to the party wearing the Dark Ninja Costume for Men, you can be sure everyone will be staring. Don't be surprised. People just aren't used to being in the presence of such mastery and greatness. You'll feel just like Jackie Chan, Hattori Hanzo, or Bruce Lee while donning this powerful get-up. Whether you're a bare fist fighter or a master with weapons, this costume will surely show everyone that you're not somebody to be messed with. Hide in the shadows or show off your art and skills right out in the open. You are the master of the universe while wearing the colors and attire of the master martial artist. If you don't want to fly solo to the big Halloween party, then show up with a whole gang of warriors and ninja fighters. That will certainly make a statement. Just make sure all of your friends find their own colors to wear! There can only be one dark ninja per crew. That is fact. No matter what you do though, just remember: You are the fearless master of the night.
Ninja Katana Sword
Cut your foes down to size using the Ninja Katana Sword. This toy weapon depicts a plastic version of the ninjas primary weapon. It measures over 40 inches in length from handle to tip. You even receive a sheath to keep the blade protected. Check out our great selection of ninja costumes to go along with the sword order!
Samurai Warrior Costume for Women
You will be slaying this Halloween when you enter the party wearing our Samurai Warrior Costume for Women. With your purchase, you will receive just the outfit you need to look fierce and stunning all at once. Featuring a set of black chest armor and waist-tie armor, as well as a red tunic, two sets of gauntlets, and a matching helmet with a samurai emblem accessory, you're going to love this Japanese look. Buy your samurai costume today, and then scan our site for a katana weapon to really complete your attire.
Adult Ninja Headband
Practice your stealth skills as an expert, adult ninja this Halloween. Purchase the Adult Ninja Headband. Channel famous film and anime ninjas while wearing this headband. Add fake nunchucks or a bo-staff to complete your ninja accessories. Your admiration for ninjas will be well known after the Halloween costume party!
Child Golden Ninja Costume
Dragon Ninja Accessory Pack
This Dragon Ninja Accessory Pack has everything you need to construct your own ninja costume. The kit includes a black 30 inch samurai sword, matching twin sai, and a silver throwing star. A black hood is also included to conceal your mysterious identity.
Dragon Ninja Weapon Set
A ninja wouldn't be complete without something to defend himself with. That's where our Dragon Ninja Weapon Set comes into play. Foam weapons that are perfect for making your ninja attire pop. You can decorate your costume authentically and fashionably with this great set.
Gold Armor Ninja Avenger Child Costume
Prepare for war against rival forces in this Gold Armor Ninja Avenger Child Costume. The fighting will stop once you defeat all enemies! This outfit comes with a golden shirt top and matching pair of pants. There are armor pieces included to place along the shoulders. A vest piece with printed designs and a matching hood makes it all complete. Have this on when out trick-or-treating but watch out for sneak attacks!
Ninja Costume for Girls
Who said only boys can be ninjas? Put on this Ninja Costume for Girls and show the world the true power of a female martial arts master! With this special ninja gear on, you'll instantly feel like all of your favorite martial arts heroes. Whether you're a fan of Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, or any of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, while wearing this warrior attire, there won't be anyone in the entire world who can take you down. Fight your foes with punches, kicks, and blows, or if you're more of a weaponry guru, slice them up with your swords, nunchucks, sticks, and ninja stars (play weapons, of course!). With this outfit on, you are the master of your universe, a true hero ready for any quest and adventure the world throws at you. Hide in the shadows and leap out at your enemies, or simply fly into the sunlight with fists and feet ablazing. If you're more of a solo ninja girl, that's fine, but if you like company, then get all of your friends to join you in the wonderful world of mart
Womens Ninja Mystique Costume
Creep in the shadows as a stealthy and structured ninja this Halloween. The Woman's Ninja Mystique Costume L allows you to be a fun, strong individual while still looking great. Protect your friends and family in this cool look that you are sure to want to wear again and again.
Boys White/Black Skull Ninja Costume
Boys Stealth Ninja Costume
Feathered Cosplay Wig for Adult
Dressing up as a ninja or samurai this Halloween? Then don't forget to pick up our Feathered Cosplay Wig for Adult! With your purchase, you will receive a sleek black wig with a fanned out look that is reserved only for the fiercest of warriors. Pair this wig with any number of costumes from our site, and you're sure to have a night you'll never forget. Buy your wig today, and go make this Halloween your best one yet!
Boy's Cyborg Ninja Costume
If your child wants to be a robot and a ninja, he doesn't have to choose anymore with this Boy's Cyborg Ninja Costume! In this robotic ninja costume, he's going to feel like either the Terminator, or Jackie Chan -- or both! He doesn't have to choose now that he has his cyborg ninja costume. Plus, this ninja outfit is so comfy that any boy can do his sweetest kung fu moves in it without a rip or a tear.
Boys Ninja 2nd Skin Costume
Sword, check. Daggers, check. Throwing stars, check. Whoever is checking off this list has got to be a ninja preparing for a sneak attack on an oblivious enemy. Little boys have a similar list when it comes time to pick out their awesome Halloween ninja disguise, but it has to include this Boy's Ninja 2nd Skin Costume. Besides all the cool weaponry these sly and silent warriors carry, boys also need to wear the proper attire for a stealthy ninja assault and that includes one sleek and fitted jumpsuit in all black with red outlined graphics of arm and leg ties and matching shirt seam accents. With no type of loose or hanging garments to slow them down, your kid will move around effortlessly and strike without anyone ever knowing in our Boy's Ninja 2nd Skin Costume.
Child Ninja Gloves in Black
If your little one is going out on a martial arts adventure this Halloween, you can give him these Child Ninja Gloves In Black to make their punches land! When they show up to class in these black ninja gloves, they're going to make every kid in the class want to try their hand at a duel. He can live out his favorite kung fu movie scenes when he has this set of ninja gloves to wear!
Child's Red Ninja Avenger Costume - Series I
The legend of the ninja lives on when your child gets dressed up in this Childs Red Ninja Avenger Costume. Theyll get such a kick out of playing the role of a highly trained assassin of the night. Youll get just as much pleasure from seeing them play the role of mysterious warrior. Day or night, your little ninja will be the hit of any social gathering. This is a costume that says your kid is deadly serious about having fun.