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Yee haw! Be one of the first female celebrities when you dress in an Annie Oakley Costume. We’ve got a great selection of wild west outfits. They are available at our everyday low prices and can be ordered online today. Buy your Annie Oakley costume for women and girls online.

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Help your child become a Little Sure Shot. Our selection of Annie Oakley Halloween costumes include a girl’s dress and hat made of faux leather. Weapons are not included, but you can order toy rifles from us too. Gotta have something for Annie to shoot with!

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Make sure that your kids learn Annie was a great shot from an early age. It’s important that they know kids can do tremendous things. Starting at age 8, Annie would hunt to feed her family. As a teen, she sold game to local stores and was able to pay off the family mortgage. As an adult, she joined Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, where she was billed as the Little Sure Shot because of her small stature and expert marksmanship. She performed all over the world, include kings and queens in Europe.

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A believer of equality for women, Annie promoted the service of women in the military. During both the Spanish American War and World War I, she offered to create a ladies shar shooting regiment for the army. The presidents declined both offers. She thought thousands of women how to shoot during her career as she believed women should be able to defend and support themselves. Be a rootin’ tootin’ shooting star this Halloween. Order an Annie Oakley from us costume today. And don’t forget to order some famous cowgirl accessories too.

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