Batgirl Costumes

Gotham City is in grave danger and is in need of your help! This Halloween, experience more than just the usual sugar rush and get ready to save Gotham City from the villainous Joker and Bane. Suit up as the heroic DC comicbook heroine Batgirl with one of Costume SuperCenter’s many selections and show everyone that girls can save the world too! Hang up your cape Batman, there’s a new hero in Gotham!

Five Facts: The Batman [Infographic]

Everyone loves Batgirl. Barbara Gordon is a fan favorite of many a comic book fan. But, her number one fan has got to be Bruce Wayne. The man who inspired her crime-fighting career and molded her into the superhero we know and love is quite a private person. So jump in and find out Five Facts About the Batman with this infographic! Learn as much as you can from Costume SuperCenter.

LEGO Batman Mardi Gras Masks

Mardi Gras comes but once a year, so make sure you celebrate to the max with one of these LEGO Batman Mardi Gras Masks! Free to print, you can wear your favorite LEGO Batman character, from the Joker to Batgirl to Harley Quinn and more! Take your pick because they go perfectly with any of these DC characters costumes.

LEGO Batman Movie Posters

We've all seen the Batman movies. Every single one. From the original 1966 flick to the Dark Knight series finale in 2012, there's not a single one we haven't viewed and loved. With the release of the LEGO Batman Movie, Costume SuperCenter mashed up your favorite bat-movies with LEGO-styled posters! Check out these LEGO Batman Movie Posters and tell us which one's your favorite! (Hint: it's anything featuring Batgirl.)

Gotham City Character Quotables [Infographic]

Gotham is a big city, and its got many residents, both famous and infamous. But whether you're more familiar with the heroes or the villains that roam the streets, you'll find a character's quote you're sure to recognize. Check out Costume SuperCenter's Gotham City Character Quotables Infographic and pick out your favorite catchphrase!

Buy a Batgirl Costume Online from Costume SuperCenter Today!

Being a princess can be exciting but this Halloween, you’re looking to switch things up and experience a night full of heroism and adventure! Costume SuperCenter can help you there! This season, trade in your ball gown and swap it out for a cape. Our website has so many options for Batgirl costumes and accessories that Batman himself will be calling you up to ask where your batsuit is from!

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