Beards & Moustaches

Are you looking to add that extra something to your costume? Beards and mustaches can really add to the realism (or funniness, depending on how and what you are using) of your costume. The vast assortment of facial hair allow for you to easily find whatever you are looking for including goatees, sideburns or stubble. You could go with the Abraham Lincoln beard if you are dressing as him (or a zombie version). You can also find an amazing array of pirate styles and eye patches! From Captain Jack Sparrow to Black Beard, you'll find a style that fits the look you are after.

Beards & Moustaches Tips and Ideas

Black beard, Yellow Beard, Biker Beards and fun Mustaches and more, there is no doubt that every male character in history has had some sort of facial hair. when someone says “biker” they think of a guy on a bike with a beard. 

When someone says “Jesus” they think of a long haired man with a beard. See? So why wouldn't you want to make you next Halloween costume really stand out with a special, one of a kind beard of your own with one of our fun facial hair accessories from our facial hair accessories? Old school beards, braided beards, mustaches and much much more, there is no limit to how much fun you could have when wearing one of these fun accessories. Get the perfect facial hair for every occasion and search through our vast variety of facial hair and find the perfect one for you and your costume this Halloween!

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