Big Hero 6 Costumes

Defeat a man in a kabuki mask while you are geared up on our Big Hero 6 costumes. This popular film is a collaboration between Marvel and Disney. It features a group of young heroes attempting to stop an evil saboteur by using some cutting edge technology. Our items are modeled to look like some of the characters from the movie. Save the city of San Fransokyo from destruction using these outfits!

Big Hero 6 Costume Ideas and Tips

This Halloween, your child can help Hiro and Baymax defeat the man in a kabuki mask with their very own Big Hero 6 costume. Here you will find a vast collection of Big Hero 6 costumes including inflatable costumes swell as Muscle suits that will have your child ready for action in a matter of minutes! Whether you are looking for the perfect Halloween costume for your child or you are looking for the next best suit of armor to prepare your child for the fight against an evil saboteur, there is no better place to look than our Big Hero 6 Costume Collection. 

Every member of the family can enjoy these fun costumes, from Adults who would fit perfect in our inflatable Baymax costume to the toddlers and children who want nothing more than to look amazing in their next Halloween costume. Be sure your next costume looks amazing and authentic just like Baymax with these Big Hero 6 Costumes!

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