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When Catwoman's feeling nice, she's on Batman's side helping him to bring down villains and criminals. When she's not feeling so nice, she slinks through dark alleyways to get her paws on diamonds and jewels that don't quite belong to her. Become this ferocious kitty by picking up one of our Catwoman costumes. These looks contain fun styles for girls and flirtatious looks for women, and all of them are sure to help you bring out the claws. So, buy a Catwoman costume for Halloween today.

Arkham Asylum: 8 Infamous Residents [Infographic]

Catwoman's on-again off-again relationship with Batman hasn't always kept her out of Arkham Asylum. Her villainous ways have landed her in Gotham's home for the criminally insane more than once. With this Arkham Asylum Infographic, you'll see just what got her locked up in the first place, and who has kept her company. After all - If you're going to dress like Selina Kyle this Halloween, you might want to avoid the things that have gotten her into trouble.

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Selina Kyle is the woman better known as Catwoman. She's a skilled thief who uses her smarts and martial art skills to get what she wants. Her weapons include her bladed gloves that resemble claws and her long whip. But for all of this, she has a good heart deep down, and Batman sees this. That's why she finds herself unable to resist joining him in his fights against big time villains like The Joker and The Riddler, and a complicated romance springs up between her and this masked vigilante.

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Catwoman is a supreme femme fatale and is a key character in the Batman franchise. Become this feline for Halloween by sporting one of our incredible Catwoman outfits for kids and adults. You'll find a variety of officially licensed looks on this page. Most are created as a skin tight black body suit with tail attached. We also include a Catwoman mask with attached ears with most of these styles to help you take on the same appearance as this classic comic book character.

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