Catwoman Costumes

When Catwoman's feeling nice, she's on Batman's side helping him to bring down villains and criminals. When she's not feeling so nice, she slinks through dark alleyways to get her paws on diamonds and jewels that don't quite belong to her. Become this ferocious kitty by picking up one of our Catwoman costumes. These looks contain fun styles for girls and flirtatious looks for women, and all of them are sure to help you bring out the claws. So, buy a Catwoman costume for Halloween today.

Arkham Asylum: 8 Infamous Residents [Infographic]

Catwoman's on-again off-again relationship with Batman hasn't always kept her out of Arkham Asylum. Her villainous ways have landed her in Gotham's home for the criminally insane more than once. With this Arkham Asylum Infographic, you'll see just what got her locked up in the first place, and who has kept her company. After all - If you're going to dress like Selina Kyle this Halloween, you might want to avoid the things that have gotten her into trouble.

Catwoman Costumes

Selina Kyle is the queen of crime in Gotham. She can break into any vault, lockbox, or building, and she always gets her prize. Show off your skills in a Catwoman costume this Halloween!

Harley Quinn Costumes

Harley Quinn may not be Selina Kyle, but she's another one of DC Comic's powerful ladies, so Costume SuperCenter has a wide selection of Harley Quinn costume for you to choose from!

Poison Ivy Costumes

Poison Ivy is here to make the world a greener place. She may not be a jewel thief, but she's still a gem herself! Check out the selection of Poison Ivy costumes for your next Halloween look!

Supergirl Costumes

Sure, she's no villain, but Supergirl is just as important to DC Comics and Gotham as Catwoman! Get your Supergirl costume today so you can save the day on Halloween!

Catwoman Costume Ideas and Tips

You’ve cat to be kitten us if you think we don’t have the purr-fect selection of Catwoman costumes. DC Comics’ Selina Kyle is a complex character; her love-hate relationship (and tendency to burglarize Gotham City) make her the ultimate antiheroine. Whether you’re operating solo this Halloween or teaming up with your favorite Dark Knight to party the night away, we have the perfect Catwoman costume for you. You’ll be feline fierce in a women’s Catwoman black bodysuit - and ears and mask, of course. Kick it up a notch by slipping into your favorite pair of high-heeled, knee-high black boots, and get ready to get your paws on some Halloween candy. We also carry age-appropriate Catwoman Halloween costumes for the younger girls in your life. 

The black Catwoman bodysuit, ears and mask give her plenty of ease of movement, especially when you pair them with flat black riding boots. Take her measurements and consult the costume size chart for the best fit; order up a size if you’re expecting a cold Halloween and think she’ll need to wear thermal leggings and a top under her costume. After all, no Catwoman can slink around the neighborhood if she’s wearing a bulky coat. Finally, the littlest Catwoman in your family will look adorable in a black toddlers’ bodysuit. Not only will it keep your little one warm, but she’ll be able to crawl and pounce to her heart’s content, and you’ll rest easy knowing that her costume will stay put all day long.

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