Cleopatra Costumes

Today, every woman can have that elegant, regal, and exotic sex appeal that Cleopatra had with a Cleopatra costume. Decked out in a sheer gown with golden headdress, Cleopatra will live again and strike the hearts of men like a deadly asp. Halloween never looked so good with adult and plus sizes, and even toned down child versions of Cleopatra costumes. A shimmering gown worn with strapped sandals, or even open toed golden shoes will finish off that goddess look. Hair as dark as midnight that can be braided, or arrow straight locks allow attention to focus around the seductive eyes and exotic makeup of the first and true queen of the Nile. These costumes are worthy of the pharaoh herself, and the selection is good enough to be remembered forever in hieroglyphs.

Rome, Egypt, or the Halloween dance don't stand a chance when you saunter in with gilded and glittering dress, hair trimmed in Egyptian gold, and a purse featuring the mysterious eye of Ra. Everyone will whisper "Does she have an asp in her purse?" You probably won't, but you will have the hearts of every man around to add to Julius Caesar's and Mark Anthony's. The Cleopatra costume isn't all about exotic and royal adornments and jewelry, or even the bold black curving eye-liner. It's about the walk, elegance and believing you belong at the foot of the Nile, ruling the people of the pyramids, and ensuring Cleopatra Halloween costumes retain their rightful place in the pantheon of goddesses of Halloween.

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