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This costume has always helped to define his character, as he is one of the most recognizable movie villains of all time. Perhaps this has to do with the onscreen usage of Darth Vader costumes. After all, few characters remain in costume throughout the entire length of a feature presentation. Designed originally by Ralph McQuarrie as a component of the villain's spacesuit, the World War II German style gas mask was not intended to be a regular part of Vader's outfit. But that is what makes great movies: Little things shift in value and suddenly become core to the characters.

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Darth Vader Halloween costumes stir the imagination. The cape, the dark colors, and Vader's red lightsaber remind us of the valiant Zorro of yesteryear's heroes, yet there is nothing noble about this Dark Side villain. Likewise, these costumes utilize a wide-brimmed helmet that puts us in mind of an honorable medieval samurai, yet the Star Wars antagonist reflects a man with neither principles nor morals. It is this very aspect of the negative force that gives Darth Vader outfits such a timeless appeal to men and boys alike for Halloween and Star Wars conventions.

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