Green Lantern Costumes

Green Lantern costumes offer a whole range of fun experiences. The outfits that we offer may not come from Abin Sur but they are great for Halloween, parties or for a redone "production" of the hit movie. These are a wonderful stimulus for children in using their imagination while playing. Rather than sitting in front of the TV or playing children's video games, playing dress-up creates exuberant use of imagination, experts say that this is very important to a children's social development. Our just licensed costumes are accurate and detailed, resembling the characters in the Green Lantern genre. Available options include sizes for boys, teens, women and men. In addition, we carry many accessories to compliment our Green Lantern costumes. These include: a child's accessory kit with a flashlight, an eye mask and a glowing ring. When you shine the flashlight on a flat surface you see the logo. To complete a child's Halloween costume add this official sword. Buy a green lantern costume today!

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