Chucky Costumes

Working the scary angle is easy to do when you have the demonic doll of the classic horror genre on your side. The Group Chucky Costumes feature variations on the overalls and striped shirt that the doll is known for. Get the entire family dressed up to look like murderous toys this Halloween. All of you will leave lots of people with nightmares to sleep through. Order a Chucky costume online today!

Horror Movie Statistics [Infographic]

Halloween and horror movies go hand-in-hand. Like ghosts and ghouls, werewolves and full moons, and witches and broomsticks. If you like a good horror flick, test your knowledge with these Horror Movie Statistics! There's some fun facts and some little-known ones, and maybe you'll learn something new!

Chucky Costume Ideas and Tips

When it comes to this iconic horror series, you will be wishing that you have eyes in the back of your head, because when this murderous doll is on the loose nothing and nobody can be trusted. Play time is never over whenever Chucky comes out to play, and with so many styles to choose from, everyone can get their fair share of this unlucky little doll before Halloween is over. 

From fashionable, female styles to the classic horror movie costume, there is a Chucky themed costume for everyone to enjoy, just keep your eyes peeled for anything unusual going on in the middle of the night. From classic movie masks to the Deluxe style costumes that include everything a little doll could desire you are ready to hit the streets this Halloween with the spookiest, Horror movie costume around! Even your four egged friend can get in on the horror action with an adorable Chucky themed pet costume!

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