Chucky Costumes

Working the scary angle is easy to do when you have the demonic doll of the classic horror genre on your side. The Group Chucky Costumes feature variations on the overalls and striped shirt that the doll is known for. Get the entire family dressed up to look like murderous toys this Halloween. All of you will leave lots of people with nightmares to sleep through. Order a Chucky costume online today!

Horror Movie Statistics [Infographic]

Halloween and horror movies go hand-in-hand. Like ghosts and ghouls, werewolves and full moons, and witches and broomsticks. If you like a good horror flick, test your knowledge with these Horror Movie Statistics! There's some fun facts and some little-known ones, and maybe you'll learn something new!

Chucky Costume Ideas and Tips

Good ol’ Charles Lee Ray, the infamous crook whose soul took possession of an innocent Good Guy Doll, and made the doll anything but. Mr. Ray was an Australian immigrant and was also known as the Lakeshore Strangler. He terrorized his town and—upon his death—was not ready to stop. Anyone who grew up in the 90s knows all about this story and its origin. Thus, the popularity of this terrorizing doll has never dwindled!

So get ready to scare people yourself when you or your little one dress up as this disturbing, three-foot killer everyone knows as Chucky. Although the name of the movie is Child’s Play, that doesn’t mean that this Chucky costume just for the kiddos! In fact, you should make sure they’d be able to handle looking so scary—we don’t want to give them nightmares! With us, you are sure to get the most out of any event with these perfect Chucky Halloween costumes. After all, it isn’t every day that you can scare the wits out of your friends.

Chucky Movie

If you haven’t seen the movie Child’s Play, then stop right here and start watching it. It’s the true way to grasp how petrifying this character was (and still is). The Lakeshore Strangler was not only a creepy crook, but he also knew his version of black magic. Before getting caught by the police, Mr. Charles Lee Ray made sure his soul would live on forever by inhabiting Chucky, a Good Guy Doll.

At first, Chucky the doll didn’t seem like any doll out of the ordinary—that is, until Andy Barclay takes him home and notices tiny little footprints all over his house. When he looks under Chucky’s shoes and notices that the foot prints match, Chucky realizes that his cover is blown, and Andy and his mom soon realize that this doll is evil. Whew, it’s giving us the creeps just thinking about it! And that’s how we know that we can provide you with the most accurate, effective Chucky doll costume.

Adult Chucky Costumes

Since Chucky is so popular, you want to make sure that you are pulling off the most accurate Chucky appearance. No matter if you are just going to a bash to mingle with everyone, or if you just want a good laugh with all the scares that you’re going to make, these costumes will do the trick regardless. There isn’t anything better than knowing you are dressed the best in a room the second you walk through the door. From sexy womens Chucky costumes to terrifying mens Chucky costumes, we can make that happen for you.

Celebrate National Chucky Day

If you own a social media page, then you know all about the weird days that society likes to celebratelike National Pizza Day, National Dog Day, and so on. Well, while we are on the topic of Charles Lee Ray, of course there’s a National Chucky Day! Yes, this creepy doll is observed October 25th, right before the Halloween festivities. So, if you love this day as much as the rest of us, then you are definitely going to want to rack up on these party costumes to make sure that you are celebrating in style and—of course—in fright.

Horror Movie Coloring Pages

Anyone who has experienced the serenity that comes with adult coloring pages knows the reason for all of the rave. So if you enjoy feeling both spooked and relaxed, then these Horror Movie Coloring Pages are perfect for you. Color in the lines until you shriek with fright as each character comes to life with each stroke of your colored pencil or crayon. It’s going to be a great time!

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