Cinderella Costumes

Almost every little girl has dreams of being a fairy tale character and living happily ever after and with one of our gorgeous Cinderella costumes, now she can! Cinderella is arguably the most famous of the Disney princesses for her triumphant story, her beauty, and her iconic blue ball gown. Now, your little princess can experience the story book magic of stepping into a shimmering gown and being transformed into a royal world of luxury and extravagance.

Disney Princess Box Office Stats [Infographic]

You'll be up past midnight reading all of the fun facts on this Disney Princess Box Office Infographic. Find out how well Cinderella performed at the box office, and just how much it cost to create the animated feature back in 1950. Hint: Cinderella was released 12 years after Snow White and the Seven Dwarves premiered, and it cost twice as much to make, but brought in just a bit more than half the revenue.

Ariel Costumes

Flippin' your fins, you won't get too far - But you will look just like Triton's youngest daughter! Ariel Costumes are available now, and when you pair one with a bright red wig, you'll definitely be a part of that world!

Aurora Costumes

Everyone will love you at once when they see you in one of our Aurora Costumes this Fall. Disney Princess costumes are a staple of every Halloween, and you can represent a classic when you look like the star of Sleeping Beauty.

Belle Costumes

It won't take you until Chapter 3 to realize that a Belle Costume is the way to go this Halloween. With either a blue, provincial dress or a golden ball gown, you can replicate the iconic style of one of Disney's more popular princesses with help from Costume SuperCenter!

Frozen Costumes

Right now, you might be a bit of a fixer-upper, but you won't be when you grab a Frozen Costume. Whether you prefer Anna or Elsa, there's a princess dress that's perfect for you. You won't be able to Let It Go!

Jasmine Costumes

Jasmine never lost any shoes, but she almost lost her freedom and love of her life, thanks to a Disney villain. A Jasmine Costume will help you look as fearless as the original Arabian princess when she faced down the evil snake, Jafar.

Rapunzel Costumes

Your hair might be just a bit shorter, and not quite as magical, but a Rapunzel Costume from Costume SuperCenter will have you looking like one of Disney's newest princesses in no time! See the light this Halloween with your Tangled look!

Snow White Costumes

Heigh-ho! Heigh-ho! Before Cinderella, there was the fairest of them all. Snow White Costumes are available now at Costume SuperCenter, and you can look just like Disney's first princess when you rock this classic yellow, blue and red dress. 

Disney Princess Costumes

Beat the clock and order your Disney Princess Costume before it's too late! With options like Cinderella, Tiana and Mulan, there's no doubt that you'll be dancing your way door-to-door as you trick-or-treat!

Our Disney Princess Halloween costumes are stunning worn alone or can be made even more unique by adding the matching accessories to compliment the gown. Consider adding our magic wand or spectacular tiara to one of our Cinderella ballgown to further accentuate the beauty of the dress. We also offer a wig that is an almost exact replica of the classic blonde updo she wore to the ball. Finally, what Cinderella outfit would be complete without our beautiful 'glass' shoes? We even offer matching slippers for the little ones who are not quite ready for walking in heels.

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