Crayola Crayons Costumes

Creativity is the most important element to harness in your children, and you can absolutely dress up in similar costumes with them in order to help them learn more. The Group Crayola Crayons Costumes are a series of tunics that feature different colors. The entire family can pick their favorites and wear them out on Halloween during trick-or-treating.

The kid's items are ideal for both boys and girls of all ages. The tunics are designed after the look of individual crayon sticks and come with headpieces designed to look like the sharpened ends of them. Your children will have lots of fun going out and showing off these outfits to their friends. If you have multiple children, they will look very cute together.

As parents, you want to share in the experiences of your children, so order your crayon tunics, too. These outfits are similar to the children's tunics. Choose from among several of your favorite colors and wear it with your children. Get your significant other in on the action, too, by dressing him to match, and bring him along to a Halloween party where you two could be in the running for best-dressed couple.

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