Rocky Horror Picture Show Costumes

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is musical, comedy, horror film from the mid 1970's that has become a cult classic. This bizarre and whacky film played homage to the campy, cheesy horror movies that had become standard during the decade. The film is packed with musical numbers, outlandish plot developments, and freaky characters. Rocky Horror Picture Show's eccentric aesthetic has made it a lasting film that has created memorable characters. Our collection of Rocky Horror Picture Show Costumes is perfect for Halloween and movie themed costume parties. Search through the selection and pick out your favorite Rocky Horror outfits today!

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Rocky Horror Picture Show Costume Ideas and Tips

Put on your favorite pair of fish net stockings and grab some overly dramatic makeup because this Halloween everyone will be getting ready to do the time warp again! While this movie is not for the little ones, it has made a big impression on adults and college students from across the nation. 

Whenever you hear the opening beat to the time warp, you can bet that everyone will stop what they are doing and join in on this must have Halloween dance. Whether you want to rock the maid outfit as the elusive Magenta or take on the spotlight as the one and only Dr. Frank N. Furter, you can bet your bright red lipstick that we have the perfect costumes and accessories for you! Choose your next Halloween costume wisely because it won’t be long until these brilliant costumes beam back to Transylvania, only leaving their everlasting impact on Halloween behind!

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