Rocky Horror Picture Show Costumes

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is musical, comedy, horror film from the mid 1970's that has become a cult classic. This bizarre and whacky film played homage to the campy, cheesy horror movies that had become standard during the decade. The film is packed with musical numbers, outlandish plot developments, and freaky characters. Rocky Horror Picture Show's eccentric aesthetic has made it a lasting film that has created memorable characters. Our collection of Rocky Horror Picture Show Costumes is perfect for Halloween and movie themed costume parties. Search through the selection and pick out your favorite Rocky Horror outfits today!

Shop Our Rocky Horror Costumes For Halloween Or The Next Midnight Showing

You'll certainly stand out in one of our Rocky Horror Picture Show ensembles. These pieces are eye catching to say the least. The characters and their outfits are all freaky, shocking, and visually engaging that  will make you do the Timewarp. You can be sure you'll be unique at your next costume party and you'll certainly stand out. Our Columbia and Magenta outfits are dazzling and a lot of fun to wear, but these characters' outfits are pretty tame compared to the Riff Raff and Frank N. Furter costumes.

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