Wizard of Oz Costumes

The movie was made in 1939 and in 2014 it will be celebrating 75 years! That means 75 years of Wizard of Oz costumes worn by generations of trick or treaters. You know a movie is timeless when it is still relevant three quarters of a century later. Wizard of Oz costumes have evolved into several versions over the years but the love of the movie remains the same. It all starts with Dorothy and continues from there. Take a walk down the Yellow Brick Road with us as we tell you about the many Wizard of Oz looks that we know and love.

Dorothy arrived in Oz wearing a blue gingham dress. She was given a pair of ruby slippers to wear on her journey to see the Wizard so she could get back home. The first character she met along the way was the Scarecrow, who wanted to see the Wizard to get a brain. He was wearing the Scarecrow costume that features tattered clothes, burlap and look of straw stuffing. Together they walked along until they met the Tin Man who was feeling a little stiff. Once they loosened up the joints of his Tin Man look he was ready to join them to get a heart. The last friend Dorothy, Scarecrow and Tin Man made on their trip to the Emerald City was The Cowardly Lion. His wish was to get some courage.

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