Greek/Roman Costumes

Imagine what it would be like to race in a chariot or battle lions at the Coliseum. Or how about being a god or goddess with amazing powers and beauty. You can become anyone you want to be, if even just for a day, simply by putting on a Greek Roman costume. Let your imagination go wild and use items to create a character that will be remembered long after your Halloween party ends. Buy a Greek costume or Roman costume online today!

Greek/Roman Costume Ideas and Tips

Step into your favorite swords and sandals movie when you put on one of our historical Greek and roman costumes! If you are Spartacus, these costumes are for you. Deck yourself out in a Roman noblewoman’s long white robes, or find a gladiator outfit to fight to the death in. You can be one of your favorite figures from philosophy and educate your friends like Socrates, or perhaps play the role of one of the 300 Spartans who kept the Persians from invading Greece. 

Whatever you’re imagining, we can provide it with these quality period-accurate costumes that will wow any historian you encounter on Halloween! You can get some friends together to be a whole group of Romans or Greeks, and bring a classical vibe to your Halloween party that will make this year memorable. Shop our historical Greek and roman costumes to get a blast from the past this Halloween!

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