Jasmine Costumes

If you’ve always wanted to be Princess Jasmine, then we’ve got the costumes for you! Get ready to discover a whole new world at Costume SuperCenter when you shop our wide selection of Halloween and dress-up costumes.When you buy a Princess Jasmine costume from Costume SuperCenter, you’ll look just like you stepped off the screen and became the princess of Agrabah herself. Dressed in Princess Jasmine’s beautiful tiara or her gorgeous blue slippers, you’re sure to look fit to be a princess. Not to worry, there’s no genie required!

Disney Princess Box Office Stats [Infographic]

In 1995, Disney introduced moviegoers to A Whole New World, and though Aladdin was the title character, Princess Jasmine stole the show. She was a strong, independent princess that wouldn't let anybody else make her decisions for her. Aladdin was a smash hit in theaters, but do you know how much it cost to create it? Find out with Costume SuperCenter's Disney Princess Box Office Infographic. You'll find some stats on other princesses, like Pocahontas, too!

Ariel Costumes

Run a dinglehopper through your red wig and put on an Ariel Costume before your next Halloween party! Make sure you bring whosits and whatsits galore if you really want to make a memorable impression!

Aurora Costumes

Wake up! It's time to dress like your favorite Disney Princess, and an Aurora Costume is a great look! With the classic pink dress, you can look just like Disney's Sleeping Beauty!

Belle Costumes

BONJOUR! Every morning doesn't have to be the same, and you can spice things up in your provincial town with a Belle Costume. Put on the classic golden gown, but be sure to avoid the West Wing!

Cinderella Costumes

Don't let any evil stepsisters get in your way of looking your best in a Cinderella Costumes this Halloween. Whether you prefer the classic animated version, or the live-action interpretation, we've got outfits representative of both!

Disney Princess Five Facts [Infographic]

The magical world of Walt Disney's creation features eleven official princesses, all household names. But can you name all eleven? And did you know Tinkerbell used to be one of them? Test your Disney knowledge with Costume SuperCenter's Disney Princesses five facts infographic. After one look at it, you'll be a Disney Princess expert! 

Frozen Costumes

Everyone will want to give you warm hugs when they see you in your Frozen Costume. Choose from Elsa, Anna and other residents of Arrendale, but remember to bring a jacket - It might get a little chilly!

Rapunzel Costumes

Let down your hair this Halloween in a Rapunzel Costume from Costume SuperCenter. Voiced by Mandy Moore, this newer Disney Princess has become an instant classic, and now you can wear her purple dress, too!

Snow White Costumes

Mirror, mirror on the wall - What's the best costume of all? Snow White Costumes, of course. And you can get one quickly and easily with some help from Costume SuperCenter!

Disney Princess Costumes

There's a whole new world for you to explore this Fall, and wearing a Disney Princess Costume is a good start! Grab your Jasmine outfit, or pick from any other number of princesses for the perfect Halloween.

Forget being sweet! This Halloween, dress up like everyone’s favorite sassy and thick-headed princess, Princess Jasmine. If you’re the kind of girl who likes to take charge, is quick with witty comebacks, and dreams of adventure, then you’ll find it in Princess Jasmine. You don’t need a magic carpet to experience a whole new world. Let our beautiful Princess Jasmine costumes do the work for you instead.

Jasmine Costume Ideas and Tips

We can show you the world, shining, shimmering splendid. All you need to do is put on one of our Jasmine costumes and you will be transported to Agrabah, home of Aladdin and Jasmine in Aladdin, which is a Disney classic animated film and also a Broadway play. Your daughter will be delighted when she sees the stunning blue and gold outfit. 

We have several variations, and all are well made and gorgeous. We have toddler, child and tween sizes, so there is an outfit for your daughter, no matter what her age. And because every big girl wants to be a princess, we have spectacular outfits in women’s sizes too. The women’s designs are more mature and show off a bare midriff. Every princess needs some bling so don’t forget to check out our accessories, which include crowns, jewelry and wands. It’s a whole new world when you are dressed as Jasmine. Order your costume today!

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