LEGO Batman Costumes

LEGO Batman Costumes

Free Printable LEGO Batman Pumpkin Carving Stencils

It should be no surprise that in LEGO Gotham City, there are no vigilantes who get the job done like the bat family! Batman, Batgirl, and Robin had to save the day against Harley Quinn and the Joker, in the latest DC movie, LEGO Batman. If you were entertained by Bruce Wayne’s ventures protecting the LEGO world, then you'll be happy with the options you’ll have for your pumpkins.

Costume SuperCenter designed these LEGO Batman pumpkin carving stencils so you can take your pumpkin to the next level, from a standard jack-o-lantern into a superhero! 

Five Facts: The Batman [Infographic]

With LEGO Batman as the most recent Dark Knight phenomenon, Costume SuperCenter wants to bring you five little known facts about the hero with this Batman infographic. Will Arnett may voice the block-headed hero in the animated movie, but do you know the other 32 Caped Crusaders? Before you sit down to watch this version of the Bat take on the construction toy iteration of The Joker, take a look at this!

LEGO Batman Movie Posters

The LEGO Batman Movie was one of the many iterations of the caped crusader over the last fifty plus years, so Costume SuperCenter celebrated the release with LEGO Batman Movie Posters for your enjoyment!

LEGO Batman Mardi Gras Masks

LEGO Batman can save Gotham City, and we can celebrate with him! Print out and put on one of these LEGO Batman Mardi Gras Masks to celebrate Gotham's favorite vigilante once again foiling the Joker!

Batman 50th Anniversary Posters

In 2016, Batman's silver screen debut turned 50! Can you believe it? Starting with the Adam West-led 1966 television series, the bat has weaved his way through many a movie appearance since. Celebrate his 50 plus years protecting Gotham's streets on screen with Costume SuperCenter's Batman 50th Anniversary Posters!

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