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The Lord of the Rings is an iconic story first told by writer J.R.R. Tolkien in his trilogy and then made into three movies directed by Peter Jackson. The story takes place in Middle Earth and is centered around the Fellowship of the Ring. Their quest is to destroy the One Ring, which in turn will destroy its maker, the evil Sauron.

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Hobbits Frodo Baggins, owner of the ring, Samwise Gamgee, Merry and Pipin; the great Wizard Gandlolf; Legolas the Elf; Gimli the Dwarf, and men Aragorn and Boromir are all members of the Fellowship. In their travels they fight Orcs, the Balrog, Gollum, Ringwraiths, the wizard Saruman and, of course, Sauron. In the end, it is Frodo alone who must destroy the ring, but the rest of the Fellowship help him in various ways, including diverting Sauron’s attention when Frodo is on Mount Doom, ready to throw the ring in. 

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Hobbit, Gollum, Arwen and Gandolf costumes are just a few of the licensed Lord of the Rings Halloween Costumes that are available. Your time will come. And while you are waiting, order a Lord of the Rings Halloween Costume.

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