Mad Hatter Costumes

Lewis Caroll wrote Alice's Adventures In Wonderland and Through The Looking Glass. These two novels fell under the theme of nonsense literature, where authors began putting a play on words, expressing their imaginations, and creating memorable characters with distinct personality. The Mad Hatter is no exception to this genre. He made its first appearance when he and the March Hare tried to sing for the Queen of Hearts-she then sentenced him to become decapitated! Getting in trouble with the law, having pompous riddles, and bright orange hair are all things that stand out when thinking about a Mad Hatter costume.

Five Facts: Mad Hatter [Infographic]

Whether you're a fan of the Lewis Carroll original or the famous Disney iteration, Alice in Wonderland is a tale that many hold near and dear to their hearts. While Alice is the title character, though, there's one character who seems to be the life of every unbirthday party. The Mad Hatter has been a household name for years, and now you can learn even more about the character with this Mad Hatter Infographic.

Five Facts: Alice in Wonderland [Infographic]

You better be well-read if you're looking to attend an unbirthday party anytime soon. If you don't have the time to peddle through all of Lewis Carroll's adventures in Wonderland, use Costume SuperCenter's Alice Infographic. With this, you'll be mad as a hatter and at least a little bit less curious than Alice was after her first steps through the looking glass.

Mad Hatter Costume Ideas and Tips

very merry unbirthday and a happy Halloween to you! We’re mad as a hatter for Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter Halloween costumes, and you’ll be two days slow if you can’t find something from our extensive selection. Whether you’re a fan of the 1951 Disney classic or Tim Burton’s reboot, we have a Mad Hatter costume to fit your mood - and something for the entire family. 

Alice in Wonderland makes a great group costume, with everyone portraying a different character, including Alice, the Cheshire Cat, the Queen of Hearts and - of course - the Mad Hatter. Girls’ and boys’ Mad Hatter costumes feature whimsical elements like colorful skirts, patterned vests and oversized bow ties. We also carry a variety of colorful men’s and women’s Mad Hatter costumes that look perfect when topped off with the Hatter’s misshapen top hat. Put the finishing touches on your look with a wig and some mad makeup. Start by painting your face white and line your eyes and cheekbones with bright pink. The more wacky it looks, the better!

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