Minnie Mouse Costumes

Minnie Mouse is the female companion to Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse, both icons of the Disney Corporation since their creation in the 1920s. Her trademark outfit is a red polka dot dress with a matching bow and bows on her shoes. There is also a pink version of the Minnie Mouse costume. She has been portrayed in many different roles in Disney movies such as a queen and a Disney princess. We offer Minnie as a cheerleader so girls can have even greater variety of attire options. Buy a Minnie Mouse costume for girls, toddlers and women online

Meet Disney's Fab Five [Infographic] 

The mouse ears are easily one of the world's most recognizable images, and although they're often associated with Mickey Mouse, there's no denying that Minnie Mouse has had a huge hand in that! From being Mickey's number one gal, she's also a huge part of the Disney Fab Five. Get to know them with this infographic, and then take a look at some of the other Disney greats, from Toy Story to Peter Pan!

Kids' Minnie Mouse Costumes

So there's a little Disney fan running around your house. That means it's time to think Disney for Halloween! Get a girl's Minnie Mouse costume (or a boy's Mickey) and ensure that there's a smile between those mouse ears this year!

Women's Minnie Mouse Costumes

Loving Disney doesn't have to stop just because you grew up! If you're still donning the mouse ears, check out the huge selection of women's Minnie Mouse costumes for your Halloween look this year.

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