Pink Ladies Costumes

We’ll tell you more, tell you more about our Pink Ladies costumes. Our selection is based upon the hit musical and movie Grease which features a few characters as Pink Ladies. They wear matching jackets and are the coolest chicks in high school. Fans of the original will love to wear one of these Pink Lady costumes and relive those glory days.

Check out our Pink Ladies costumes for Halloween

Head back to Rydell High in 1958 to fit in with crew. The Pink Ladies are the female counterparts of the T-Birds comprised of Rizzo, Frenchy, Jan, Marty, and Sandy. Either take on the role of those characters or create your own! We offer a variety of costume styles for girls and women to wear.

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You will be hopelessly devoted to our quality Pink Ladies costumes! We have a number of 50’s style skirts, jackets, and other products to make you look as authentic as possible. These are perfect for recreating the greaser style for themed dances, Halloween parties, and other dress up events. Enjoy more than just summer nights in our Pink Ladies costumes.

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