Pink Ladies Costumes

We’ll tell you more, tell you more about our Pink Ladies costumes. Our selection is based upon the hit musical and movie Grease which features a few characters as Pink Ladies. They wear matching jackets and are the coolest chicks in high school. Fans of the original will love to wear one of these Pink Lady costumes and relive those glory days.

Pink Ladies Costume Ideas and Tips

Grease is a movie classic. With its romantic storyline of bad boy and good girls, the 1950s will never die down! Relive this exciting time in American history with our line of pink ladies’ costumes! When good girl Sandy crosses to the darker side, she sports a sexy, curly hairdo. Capture her sensational look with our Grease – Bad Sandy Wig! 

The short blond locks will turn heads instantly! Bring back the decade of the 50s with any of our Grease Women’s Pink Ladies Jackets, a shimmering addition to your Halloween wardrobe! Those fiery, rebel ladies will get a kick out of dressing up as the outspoken Rizzo! Our sexy Grease Women’s Rizzo Costume is a gorgeous, jet black dress that hugs every curve! Even little girls can show off their defiant streak with our Grease Costume Kit for Girls! Travel back in time to the glory days of high school coolness with our line of pink ladies’ costumes!

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