Princess Leia Costumes

Princess Leia is the adopted princess of Alderaan and is the main female character in the Star Wars trilogy. She is the sister of Luke Skywalker and the daughter of Darth Vader, who as you know, is Anakin Skywalker. As one of the most recognized character on film, Princess Leia costumes makes an amazing Halloween looks for women of all ages. The outfit is available for infant-toddler through plus size adult. Adult styles include licensed as well as sexy Leia costumes. Get your Princes Leia costume today!

Princess Leia: Five Facts [Infographic]

Carrie Fisher's iconic character is one of the most well-known characters in cinematic history. Leia is more than just the daughter of Darth Vader and the sister of Luke Skywalker! She's arguably played just as an important role as they have in the shaping of the galaxy. If you're a fan of General Organa, check out these five little-known facts in this Princess Leia infographic!

Darth Vader Costumes

Let the hate flow through you this Halloween. Put on the mask and become the villain we all know and love in a Darth Vader costume. Become the chosen one and destroy the Jedi.

Kylo Ren Costumes

Finish what your grandfather started for Halloween this year by donning the title of Ren with a new Kylo Ren costume! Be seduced by the power of the Dark Side.

Princess Leia Costumes

Princess. Senator. General. Leia Organa has worn multiple hats across the many years she's made things happen in the galaxy far, far away. Pick your hat and wear it with a Princess Leia costume!

Jedi Costumes

Become one with the Force by getting into a robe and wielding a lightsaber this year for Halloween! You can graduate from Padawan status with a new Jedi costume from Costume SuperCenter.

Stormtrooper Costumes

Set phasers to stun. This year, join the ranks of the Galactic Empire or the First Order and hunt the rebel scum and Jedi to extinction with a new stormtrooper costume!

Clone Trooper Costumes

The Galactic Republic is at war! Fight the Confederacy of Separatist Systems and Count Dooku in the trenches with a Clone Trooper costume this Halloween!

Buy A Princess Leia Costume Online

Whether you're dressing up in the iconic white robe and side buns costume from A New Hope or the sexy Slave Leia Costume, if you want twice "the force" to be with you then you should turn your Princess Leia into a couple's costume by adding her love interest Han Solo. There is a large assortment of Star Wars costume accessories to go with your look. They are listed on the Accessories page under the Star Wars subcategory heading. In addition, featured add-ons are shown at the right of every costume detail page.

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