Silver Costumes & Accessories

Always remember that the lining is silver and these silver accessories will make any costume you wear look cool, elegant, and beautiful. We have an incredible selection of hats, masks, necklaces, capes, and body paint. You can use all of these awesome accessories for a DIY robot costume or superhero costume. The silver medal might be second place in most competitions but these accessories will guarantee you first place in this year’s costume contest.

Silver Costumes & Accessories Ideas and Tips

Not everything that glitters is gold. Sometimes it’s silver! Here you’ll find tons of silver accessories to make your outfits pop. Need to give your sentient cardboard robot a dazzling finish? We’ve got paint for that. Are you looking for a futuristic head of hair for your time traveling hottie? Silver wigs are the new wave. Do you want to sparkle like chrome and hit the Halloween circuit as a mechanical man? Boom. Silver body paint. 

Whether you’re going out for Halloween, getting ready for a comic con, or having a movie night with a few enthusiastic friends, then we’ve got the accessories to add a little extra oomph to your plans. Silver isn’t just a second rate metal that we turn into a 2nd place medals. No, silver is much more than that. It’s an accessory, an accent, and a darn cool color. So, add a sliver of silver, we always say. Well, not really. But we will from now on whenever we get the chance.

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