St. Patricks Day

St. Patrick's Day Costumes

Men's Outfits

Get your Irish on with any green costume you can think of. Pull on a silly green skin suit to galivant around or show your face as a way-too-tall leprechaun. Anything from a bow tie, green suit, top hat and orange beard to a standard three-piece suit printed in shamrock patterns is perfect for the holiday. Celebrate in style with comically oversized top hats, classic kilts, or fun plastic bead necklaces with shot glasses dangling off the end. Make like the Chicago River and paint your whole face green or top off your day with a simple green had with a decorative belt buckle above the brim. Best of all, you could light up the night with a unique giant top hat covered in bright shamrocks that glow with their own light, and even have a matching bow tie. Go take on St. Patty's Day armed in green.

Women's Outfits

Jazz it up for St. Patty’s Day by adding fun accessories to your outfit! Be sure to wear green no matter what, but it doesn’t have to be dull. Try rocking a green tinsel wig or green tights with your outfit. Poofy short tutus and green sequin bows or headbands all make a St. Patty’s Day more fun. Have some fun with green face paint in the shape of a shamrock or a heart to show your pride. Pick up silly shot-glass necklaces if you’re over 21 or catch every leprechaun’s eyes with a pair of glittery gold heels that are too cool to leave behind. For those wandering along parade lines or even being in a parade, you might want to consider a pair of green or gold flats instead. Some have cute bows, some are covered in glitter or sequins, and all are perfect for some fun.

Girls' St. Patrick's Day Outfits

All that glitters isn’t gold, sometimes it’s green! Nothing will make a St. Patrick’s Day event pop like green glitter or sparkly green sequins. It’s popular for girls to paint shamrocks or green hearts on their cheeks. Or the proud Irish can even paint the green, orange, and white stripes of the Irish flag on their face. Temporary tattoos are also popular, since they’re neater and won’t smudge as easily as face paint. Wearing a headband with a mini cocked top hat or a sequin bow is a cute accessory to liven up your look, or even a green wig to really bring in the festive feelings. Anyone can wear a comically oversized green top hat, and some are even coated in shamrock shapes. Some might have a cute black belt with a decorative buckle above the rim, or some have shimmery gold ribbon instead. No matter what you wear, just be sure it's green, or you might get pinched!

Boys' St. Patrick's Day Outfits

Go all out for St. Patrick’s Day by being silly and pulling out a full leprechaun costume, complete with black buckle shoes, bright green top hat and magnificent orange beard. If you’re not in the mood to click your heels and cobble fairy shoes out of gold, just wearing a fun hat smothered in shamrocks or a green bowtie will put you in the spirit. Wearing a green shirt decorated to look like a waistcoat and bowtie is a fun and easy way to keep the celebration upbeat. Those looking to get up to shenanigans can pull on a green skin suit and run around anonymously while still being in the spirit of the holiday. Maybe pairing a fun curly green wig with the skin suit it what will put your greenery over the top. Green body paint could also be the way to go. Paint your whole face green with pride!

St. Patrick's Day Accessories

Finish off your costume with the perfect accessory. Nothing completes a festive Irish Lass costume like the perfect pair of glittery shoes or completes the Irish kilt look like a tartan golf hat, topped with a pompom of course. Add layers of green necklace beads mixed in with shiny shamrocks over you outfits, and cheer to parades of green with your face plastered in painted-on flags and shamrocks. Add a silly headband with bobbing green shamrocks wobbling overhead or dance around with green bracelets clicking together. Slap stickers on your outfit or a friends, or celebrate a little laid back with a green bow tie or regular tie. Try out plenty of green hats and masks, go for a ginger beard for a day, or pull out something fabulous like an orange, green, and white feathered cap. No matter which way you accessorize, make sure its in the St. Patrick’s Day spirit

Family St. Patrick's Day Costumes

Maybe mom is the lovely Lady Luck, Dad is the dapper Irish businessman in a shamrock suit, and the kids can be a bearded leprechaun and a sweet Irish lass. The whole family can have fun with St. Patty’s Day costumes. Families can even branch out from traditional or completed costumes and make their own. Get creative and dress up as a rainbow and pot of gold, or a leprechaun and a gold shoe. Mom can help paint little flags or shamrocks on hands and faces, and dads can help clip suspenders and straighten ties and wigs. The whole family will have a blast.

St. Patrick's Day Facts

St. Patrick's Day

Many associate St. Patrick with bringing Christianity to Ireland, and while he was detrimental in spreading the conversion of it, Christianity has been present in Ireland long before he arrived. Patrick’s birth and death dates are tricky to pin down, but historians agree that he was stolen from his family and sold into slavery for six year, where he was made to work as a shepherd. Patrick escaped to return to Ireland and spread his faith, only to find the British had started for him. He continued their work, baptizing and converting as he traveled. Before Christianity had made it to the island, the Celts were a pagan society, and had their faith in the druids. While Patrick was said to have driven all the snakes from Ireland, archaeologists proved there were never snakes in Ireland, leading historians to believe “snakes” was a metaphor for the druids instead. One relic surviving St. Patrick’s reign is the leprechaun, the wee man left over from Celtic myth that is an iconic symbol of the Irish today. Learn about these facts and more with our St. Patrick's Day infographic.

St. Patrick's Day Fun Facts

Everybody knows that St. Patrick’s Day need to be swathed in green, or you might get pinched, but it turns out, the original color for this celebration was blue! Green just happened to catch on because of the use of traditionally green shamrocks, and of course the fact that Ireland is called the Emerald Isle. The color confusion probably came from the first St. Patrick’s Day parade, which was not in Ireland, but the United States! While American’s know the holiday to be green and beer-fueled, St. Patty’s Day was originally a dry holiday because of its religious significance and Ireland’s strict Catholic ways. It wasn’t until the day was made a federal holiday in the 20th century that stores in Ireland were open on St. Patrick’s Day and the spirits were free to flow.

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