Star Trek Costumes

Star Trek costumes are great for Halloween and for going to conventions alike. Fans of the genre are affectionately known as Trekkies (although fans prefer Trekkers) and have been wearing Enterprise uniforms for years at Star Trek conventions and ComicCon. These can be great for kids and fans of all ages. So, if you're trying to think of the perfect look for Halloween, check out this page. Buy a Star Trek costume today!

History Of Star Trek Uniforms

The men and women of Starfleet have possibly the most recognizable uniforms in history, known everywhere by fans and bystanders alike. Simple, yet elegant, and as widely known as any, Starfleet's best have seen their greatest moments in these uniforms for more than 50 years. And on July 22, Star Trek Beyond is paying homage to the uniforms of The Original Series with some retro-inspired threads.

Costume SuperCenter took a look at exactly how those uniforms have changed and evolved over the years, from Gene Roddenberry's original vision to the uniforms we'll see Capt. Kirk and Co. wearing in theaters this summer.

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This infographic gave you the rundown of the history of the uniforms worn by the men and women of Starfleet, but if you'd like to wear one yourself, check out the Star Trek costume selection offered by Costume SuperCenter.

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