Stranger Things Costumes

Halloween and Stranger Things go together like nothing else. Fans of the Netflix Original are in the right place. Whether you want to dress like Dustin, Mike, Lucas, or Eleven, there's a Stranger Things costume from Costume SuperCenter that'll be perfect for you. Make sure you're dressed ready to take down the Demegorgan this Halloween with fast and reliable shipping. There's a toothless smile waiting for you under Dustin's classic hat, some supernatural powers that are coupled with Eleven's dress, and of course the smarts and planning that come along with Mike and Lucas's looks. Get yourself ready for Season Two of Stranger Things with a costume this year!

Stranger Things Costume Ideas and Tips

If you're looking for a way to pay homage to Netflix's hit show Stranger Things then look no further. We carry a large selection of costumes to help you do just that. Whether you want to emulate Dustin, the potty-mouthed hero with a heart of gold, and face down the Demogorgon with your friends. 

Or go the loner route and (foolishly) explore the Upside Down all alone like Barbara, this is where you’ll get the essentials necessary to do so. And we’re not talking just costumes. We also have the accessories to make sure your outfit can play the part. Steve’s bat, Barb’s glasses, El’s dress, flannel, and wig – we’ve got it all. You can even be a full-fledged Demogorgon! So, what are you waiting for? Take a look through our inventory and show the world that you have what it takes to handle the stranger things in life this Halloween.

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